It's All About Silver

Silver... ah yes especially that would be the color of the sixth ranger for Gokaiger.  Now time to remember the silver rangers in Super Sentai.

Yuusuke Hayakawa/Mega Silver- The first silver ranger in all of Super Sentai history.He was the first ranger to create his own suit out from the prototype Megaranger suit.  At first, it had its flaws which he later repaired.  Too bad he wasn't that involved in the final battle.

Shirogane/Gao Silver- The second silver ranger.  He is thousands of years old chronologically and he seemed to pay tribute to Burai by initially appearing as a foe (while he was serving as Loki's host body).  He was a typical loner as he didn't hang out with the other rangers often.  He was hinted with Sae Taiga but no official relationship was truly established.

Miu Suto- The first female silver ranger. She was accompanied by her brother, Hiruto Suto who is technically the first male gold ranger (never mind the Kingranger in Ohranger).  She like her brother initially started as arrogant jerks.

Eiji Takaoka- He's the first ranger to be half-human, half-demon and he's literally the fastest ranger in history whenever he morphs.  Unlike the other Boukengers, he was not originally set as an adventurer but as an Ashu hunter without realizing he was half-Ashu.  I see him as a tribute to Jeffrey Kensaki in the Jetman manga but that's just me.  LOL.

Gai Ikari- Now we're going to see him next week as an Earth man to join forces with an alien force.  I think he may be the next comedy relief.


  1. Funny thing is I think Yumi Sugimoto should have played Saki in Go-Onger instead of Miu, or give Miu Saki's smiling gimmick, because Yumi Sugimoto has a gorgous smile.

  2. From what I've seen, there appears to be more Silver rangers than Gold rangers in the Sentai franchise.


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