Sentai Rangers that Married Each Other

As a tribute to brides to be out there, here are the Sentai rangers that really got married to each other:

For the record, the first ones are Ryu Tendo and Kaori Rokumeikan-Tendo.  Ryu Tendo lost Rie Aoi, Gai Yuuki broke up with Kaori Rokumeikan and in the end, they both ended up with each other.  Both Gai Yuuki and Rie Aoi gave their blessings to the couple.

Hikaru/Magishine and Urara Ozu/Magiblue got married believing that they will have no chance to be together when the Infershia launched its final attack.  


  1. There's only two married Sentai? That was few.

  2. @flamemario12: There are other Sentai heroes who got married (AbareBlack was married to Mahoro, Yellow Owl was married to Satsuki, DekaPink and Green considered marriage, Dairanger hinted that Kiba Ranger might be married to Houou Ranger in the future ...) but those weddings weren't seen on screen

  3. Just in case you didn't notice, the title is about Sentai rangers who married to each other. The rest you listed are not married to Sentai rangers. In the case of Sen and Umeko, they are not yet married. Ban and Leslie are not yet married in script.

  4. there is another real couple...

    Five black (ryohei kobayashi) and
    Five yellow ( keiko hayase) got married after the series... This was in real life. They have a motorcycle company and they have 3 kids....

    I'm just a fivaman fan.. hehehe

  5. @ sean - the first couple who are married in real life is not ryu and kaori.. after the series remi (five yellow) and fumiya (five black) got married... They were dating while the series is on going..


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