Sentai's Most Graphic Character Deaths

Here are some deaths I consider to be really graphic in the order of their appearances:

Radiguet- In the final battle after his weak spot was stabbed by the Birdonic Saber, he really spat out a LOT of blood prior to his explosion.  Quite a fitting end for him who spilled so much blood but it was edited out in some of the dubs for obvious reasons.

Shaddam- Nearly as cruel as Radiguet, after he was mugged by Ryou in a desperate battle, he vomited out mud as his clay body could no longer contain his spirit.  Gorma XV simply turned down to mud, he had to vomit mud like it was blood.  It was gruesome.

Naoto Takizawa- He was shot by a stealthy zenitto while out of suit.  That gun wound was really fatal so never underestimate lowly grunts!  This scene really made a lot of sense even if it looked stupid.  

Ryuuya- Well he did get what he deserved when got a real gunshot wound done by Ayase after a struggle.  He did bleed seriously after being accidentally shot before he died.

Mikoto Nakadai/Abare Killer- When his henshin suit went haywire, he died as a result of internal explosion.  He was soaked up in blood and he was bleeding heavily as evidenced by his blood-soaked clothes.


  1. Yeah, these were quite graphic.

    There's a few others that I thought were kinda graphic:

    Maria from Jetman. Radiguet slashes her with his sword, leaving a huge gash on her body.

    Dr. Yugami from Kakuranger. When the slab falls on him, his hand is all bloodied.

    When the Gaorangers are killed by Ura. He completely tears them apart. Especially Kai.

  2. How gory would you rate the death scenes, Sean? If Sentai does display lots of these, especially from the 80's and 90's, then I suppose there were drastic changes of the show when entering the 20's era.


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