Wedding Whacking Episodes in Super Sentai

Well there's the idea of the June bride so I thought it might feature the wedding whacking in Super Sentai and what it was supposed to be. Here they are:

In Dynaman episode 13, Frog Shinka was sent by the Jashinka as a means to kidnap the brides and make them marry the awful monster.  However the plan was foiled by Rei Tachibana who got caught in the process but it was part of her plan to rescue the others.  

In Turboranger episode 12, the wicked Jarmin unleashed Sigh Bouma to steal love away from the women that it eventually reached marriages.  Zulten teased Jarmin about her trying to impress her established lover Zimba even more.  Eventually the fake marriage of Riki and Haruna caught Sigh Bouma off-guard and broke her broom so they can beat her.

In Jetman episode 20, the Vacuum Jigen was out there stealing the hearts of women who are about to be married as a means to cease the human race from continuing their line.  It was an episode where a child falls in love with Gai Yuuki and where he and Ako Hayasaka nearly got "married".  Overall, it was a hilarious episode with a touch of drama.  Later another Gai got married by fake virtue- Gai Ikari to Ahim de Famille!

In Gaoranger episode six, the plot involved the Wedding Dress Org kidnapping brides and turning them into mannequins. Wedding Dress Org had a deal with Saori Shimada (a receptionist) that he (she?) will give her youth.  The plot was foiled and the brides were restored.

In Abaranger episode 27,,Shiyouhousenkamereon was assigned to kidnap brides in favor of becoming the wife of Dezumorlya to enter into.  He was wrecked by several fake marriages.

In Shinkenger episode eight, the Gedoushu with no monster of the week were kidnapping brides.  Mako and Takeru had a standard western wedding and a Japanese wedding.  Plus, it was crazy to see Ryuunosuke disguise himself as a bride to fool the Gedoushu.

Well here's Gai Ikari's "wedding" to Ahim in Gokaiger 29 but no ceremony was performed- they just pretended to be newly weds already which was pretty funny although there's no real chemistry between them.  He's the second Gai to have a fake marriage get it?  It's funny after Gai Ikari couldn't see Gai Yuki, he becomes a fake groom like the other Gai.  Hee hee, did Toshihide Wakamatsu and Junya Ikeda suggest this?  LOL.


  1. you forgot the Abaranger episode with the chameleon monster kidnapping brides, with Asuka, Ranru, and then Emi-pon playing groom and brides; bonus point for having one of the rangers actually already married (Abareblack) (and in fact, even with a child)

    By the way,I wanted to thank you because your blog helped me to discover and enjoy super sentai


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