Another Older Michiko Makino Picture Finding

This is definitely another classic find.  Okay she's in her 40s but still... this picture is amazing.

A reunion with Ryosuke Sakamoto.  What's this event?  Too bad she didn't appear in the 199 Hero Battle of Gokaiger.


  1. wow.. if you ask me, i would have loved to see her appear in shinkenger as the mother of mako/shinkenpink

  2. So there hasn't been any confirmation of the rumors about... you know?

  3. Well the 2 Bioman alumni is still active in the fan circut and Gokaiger team should write a Bioman story with the 2 for old time sakes!!!!

  4. Hi, I just want to say that I love your blog as a fellow sentai fan.

    And I should agree that it would be great if she appeared as mako's mother in shinkenger. or if not, she could have guested as kotoha's/shinken yellow's mom. although she's not a yellow heroine, you may have noticed that they didn't show kotoha's mom in the series while we saw the parents of other 4 stars.

  5. yes.. shinken red's father was also played by a sentai alumnus, though he is a former blue ranger(the former megablue) plus the first shinkenred was also played by a former blue ranger(ohblue).. i would still love to see her play the mother of a sentai series' (current) pink ranger.


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