Liveman Drama in Gokaiger

Barizorg appears in flashback to be a friend of Joe in the past. They were once comrades who became enemies.  Liveman had that too. Yuusuke, Joh and Megumi also lost their friends who became members of Volt. Like Mazenda, Barizorg became a cyborg too except in Barizorg's case - he was forcibly turned into one. The episode also focused on a plot to turn people into cyborgs. Cliche but powerful.

Joe because of his friend Sid having turned into Barizorg is forced but to fight a former comrade.  That's what Liveman was exactly rooted upon friends why are we now enemies after some time? I just think it was appropriate to put Joe Gibken as a blue ranger for that purpose. Megumi Misaki as a blue ranger had a lot of blues to deal with. Blue rangers get blue, get it? As to say it, very good Sentai soap material.

It's nice to see Joh Ohara but... I wish he had Yuusuke Amamiya and Megumi Misaki with him. Oh well... his part was written well so that makes up for disappointments that the two are not in the series.  Liveman was probably the darkest Sentai in the 80s which has made me reconsider my opinion of the series.


  1. Sean, you are definetly becoming a true sentai conesure. I dreamt of somebody in the Writing dept. bringing back Liveman from Mediocrity. I whatched that episode aproximately 12 times. It was good to see Kazuhiko Nishimura back as Joh.
    He still look the same minus the cow-lick and he is still wearing that same Spring-Summer outfit!Another thing was that Science Academia is rebuilt and it was fitting to see some scientist releasing the glowing butterflies as the same in the opening. I would love to see Daisuke Shima once more and Megumi Mouri as she returned from the limelight.
    Even though the series started in 1988. It still felt like 1995-1997 as those where the years I first saw Liveman and really knew what Sentai was all about. And it reminded me of Li Taing. The girl I had a crush who looks like Blue Dolphin herself Megumi Mouri!!!

    Gokaiger, Thanks for the Memories!!!

  2. Another thing to point out. Joe Gibken has been mostly associated with the Maverick Bad-boys and they are not blue. Black Condor in one episode and Yellow Lion in this episode!!!

    After 23 years Kazuhiko Nishimra never appeared in another Toku series after Liveman and has been both a very popular and busy t.v. star!!!
    With advice from his peers and agents to never put Sentai in his resume'. He however, is very proud of doing the series and genre and always wanted to return somehow. And now he is back for old time sake.
    Joh Oohara has been my favorite Yellow Ranger since Kazu, Sekai,Gaku and Boi!!!


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