Mixed Reaction on Gokaiger 28

I personally some mixed reactions towards Gokaiger episode 28, which are...

It's nice to see an older Toshihide Wakamatsu back... but it looks like he didn't age so much.  He's into J-Drama lately.  I wonder who he's married to?  Gai Yuuki in action is cool.

He's just as rough as ever- dealing with the Gokaigers.  He's helping them face their worst fear..  He does flirt with Luka which is creepy.  I hate it that Gai Yuuki never met Gai Ikari.  Bummer.  Really those two should meet and be double Gai team.  Although some are glad that Gai Ikari never met Gai Yuki.

However I could imagine what conversation can happen between these two guys.

Gai Ikari: Hey Gai Yuki why can't you let me have your autograph?
Gai Yuki: Because I hate natto and other Gais especially those surnamed Ikari!
Gai Ikari: WWWHHYYYYY??!!!!
Gai Yuki: That's because you're annoying! (punches Gai Ikari and rides off)

But the bummer is... yup Gai Yuki's DEAD.  Sob.  I really hate to think that I got on the losing side of the debate.  Also, I find his death scene just not so realistic because of the lack of blood.  However his noble death is still worth noting as NOT being useless as it was an everyday act of heroism even if it wasn't in battle.

However here's my theory- Gai Yuki didn't die in the series but he may have died in action somewhere unknown, when Gai Ikari stated that he went "missing in action" hinting that he may kept his status as a soldier even after Jetman due to the Manga being non-canon to Gokaiger (Heck why did Jeff Kensaki get discarded?  He and Eiji could have been a cooler team in the Legend War!).  Possibilities are he may have died in military service sometime after the epilogue since the Jetmen didn't even notice he was "dying" in the epilogue.  So perhaps he and Ryu did fight a battle together, he died, Ryu took his body, buried him and gave him an honorable funeral.  But I kinda want to speculate he may have left a child behind...

And yeah sob, sob, Gai Ikari never met him!


  1. his wife's a Filipino, I believe they've posted her pics some time ago at Orend's Range, JEFusion and Super Sentai Unlimited...

  2. If you look carefully, you can spot an Ako-chan cup noodle on his grave. She probably got over it and promotes that normally now that she's an idol

  3. This is my fave episode because first Gai is awsome and is my fave sentai warrior ever. Seeing him back and still looking good was awsome and how he acted around the team was nostalgic. There was also at the grave where we see many items like the ramen. Then Gai fighting one more time and them really focusing on Gai was great. RIP Gai Yuki

  4. I think you are referring to Red Mask...

  5. really? i thought ryusuke kaizu's wife's is a filipino.

  6. Finally saw episode 28 of Gokaiger. It was both a homage and nostalgia that this episode was written and made. I am not a Jetman fan and I have saw most of the episodes.
    I liked how the writters kept the realism that Gai did died from his stabbing by Megasilver and it was almost a thank you gift that he went out to help the Gokaigers to use the Jetman powers.
    From the very beginning to the ending it was nicely filmed in the same bar that Gai hangs out in The Heaven Gate. From the grave site where you see alot of gifts beared by his fellow Jetman to the park bench that he sat whatch the wedding where he died was a blast from the past. He plays his saxophone in the last scene.

  7. you mean the future megasilver is the one who played the thug that stabbed gai yuuki?

  8. It was the best eps of Gokaiger so far. Gai Yuuki is bad-ass and know how to handle brats like Gokaiger. I like Gai motivation to encounter Gokai team so they didn't disturbe other jetmen members.

    But does anyone notice that the monster of the week seems too superior to just killed by phoenix attack. He deserves more episode.

  9. Yes, mrpogi91 that's what I wanted to say!

  10. the motw is really similar to boba fett, looks cool and can easily fight. Bad news is they were killed pretty quickly, at least the monster was killed by the heroes unlike boba who was killed by a blind man. Even if the books say he escaped


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