Rumors of Gai Ikari's Death?

RIP Gai Ikari?
It's kinda crazy that after Gai Yuki is officially confirmed dead (though the episode didn't mention his nabbing but rather confirmed dead after being "missing in action" hinting he died in battle somewhere before the Legend War), some people are floating rumors that Gai Ikari will die too.  As of right now, we know that Gai Ikari was hit by a truck and later he can't see Gai Yuki.  So what's really going on?  Fantasy Leader wrote in That Toku blog as a comment to That Chick's entry on Gai Yuuki:

ThatChick, perhaps Gai Ikari can't see Gai Yuuki because Gai Ikari is dead? Maybe that truck did kill him and that he's just living on borrowed life? That's my thought.

As of right now, it sounds very possible considering most people don't survive truck accidents.  If he were hit in suit, he would have survived. But outside the Sentai suit, any stupid incident can kill a person like Gai Yuki's death by a mugger (who some believe is Radiguet).

Only and only if Toshihide Wakamatsu (or even Toshiki Inoue the guest writer) would explain why in script, Gai Ikari can't see Gai Yuki's ghost.  Too bad Gai didn't meet Gai in that fan fic.  But then, they did meet in person after all.


  1. The concept of Gai Ikari's fate is similiar to Hideki Go's origin in Return of Ultraman.

    Go gets badly hurt saving a child during a monster attack. As Go is in critical condition, Ultraman Jack, who is impressed by Go's heroism merges with him and is resurrected.

    We are now at episode 31 and it's too soon to tell!!!

    Gai gets severely hurt in a act of heroism, as he lays in a coma he has a real dream with 3 deceased Sentai Warriors. One of the 3 dead hero gives him his powers and is quickly resurrected.
    Maybe as Gai's power is derived from the dead sentai member can be a hint of what happened to Dragon Ranger Burai who was living on barrow times!!


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