Racist Villain Factions in Super Sentai

It can't be denied but there are also racist groups in Super Sentai.  I would like to list them as:

Vader Clan- They are from some weird other dimension who want to pollute the Earth.

Jashinka Empire in Dynaman- They considered themselves superior because of their tails and technology.

Hundred Violent Demon Tribes in Turboranger- Ragorn's group think they're way above humans so they bully them to no end.

The Vyram- They consider humans ugly and disgusting.  Strangely though, Radiguet would fall for a human woman and make her into a Vyram.

The Gorma in Dairanger- Apparently they're racist against normal humans.

The Youkai in Kakuranger

The Orgs in Gaoranger

The Evorian in Abaranger- Apparently they're not as racially diverse as the Bandora Gang.

The Infershia of Magiranger

The Ashu- They consider themselves superior over humans.  

The Gaiarc- They consider every other Braneworld inferior compared to theirs.

The Zangyacks- Well they're obviously racist that they think they can just thrash any planet of their choice.


  1. good list but no Volts from Liveman? of all the villains in the list, they are either alien or demon. in other word, strange lifeform that may have very different perception about human's life thus we can't expect them to do nice thing to us. however, Kemp, Mazenda, and Obler were all humans. having your former friends and colleagues doing the gonocide because they simply believe that they ar far more superior and that other people that's not as brilliant as them has the same value as animals? if that's not racist, i don't know what's that called.

  2. Volt's not racist because their ideology had nothing to do with race. It was purely intellect.

    I don't think "racist" is really the proper term for any of these groups.


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