Sentai Villlains With Very Disturbing Evil Laughs

Here are some Sentai villains I believe deserve to be mentioned for their infamous evil laughs in no particular order:

Ahames, the Queen of Amazo.

Most of Gozma are not even close to her cruelty and sadism. She always has that mean streak that makes her stand out against a lot of Super Sentai and Power Rangers villains alike.

Thief Knight Kiros

A man with a vile sense of humor and will do anything to do what he wants. He always finds pleasure in the Maskmen's suffering. The worst may be whenever he's inflicting pain on Takeru.

Count Radiguet

He had the most disturbing evil laugh which specified that he really did something very NASTY for the whole episode. It's his happiness to really cause sufferings to people and PROLONG it.  It was so boisterous and scary. Maybe he should be given the most evil laugh award.

Burai/Dragon Ranger

Although he was a hero for most of his run in Zyuranger but he's got that evil killer laugh. Move over Tommy your "mwahahahahaha!" is just so lame compared to Burai. Just thinking of how much he had pleasure in hurting the Zyurangers prior to his redemption makes him disturbing.

Lt. Col. Shaddam

While Gorma XV was scary, Shaddam is the really big evil of Dairanger. Plus it does help to know he's very uncaring even to his twin sons Kou and Akomaru. It's amazing to see at how much this guy is willing to take pleasure in everyone's sufferings.

Grand Witch Grandienne

One has to realize that she like Shaddam doesn't care about her own children. After watching GoGoFive, it just disturbed me how she could laugh off the fate of her own children just to provide herself with all the power in the Universe. All I can say is the show should have named her as Grand Bitch Grandienne.

Mikoto Nakadai/Abare Killer

Even if Abaranger belongs to the era where Super Sentai violence has been greatly reduced but I don't deny this guy still fits in. He's got one maniacal laugh of doom that makes him oh so crazy. What I love about his laugh is that even if it may not be as disturbing as Burai's but you can sense he's one crazy villain you shouldn't mess up with.


He laughs like any typical sadist. Though not as loud as Radiguet's but one can tell he's already killed enough to satisfy him. He doesn't also stop laughing whenever he's caused you pain and will not hesitate to inflict more of it. Him becoming the final villain of Gekiranger is no surprise.


I don't know if he should be here. Some of the people who I talk with think he's lame but I think he deserves to be in this list.

Basco ta Joloika

Captain Marvelous' former best friend turned archenemy is the only Gokaiger villain I like. I particularly had a distaste for the Zangyack's lack of menace factor. What I love about this guy is how often he laughed while being a cruel bastard. Too bad he didn't kill Ackdos Gill and become the final villain.

Updated: February 16, 2017


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