Gobusters: Just a Few Thoughts

Gobusters has just started and here's what I think:

First the Gobusters.  Woo they have shades.  Also their role call is "It's Morphin' Time" which I find is kind of nostalgic to those who watched Power Rangers.

The mecha are called Megazords?  Well I do have to admit I see a little bit of Zoids here which I am NOT a fan of.  But still... nice designs.

Apparently this "Messiah" (seriously he's not even one) is born from a virus.  Somehow I am reminded of the Venjix Virus in RPM but this one is unique in its own way.  It's too early to know what this being is capable of.  I get reminded of Devil Z from Transformers Masterforce.  What he's capable of doing still remains to be seen.

What do I think?  With Yasuko Kobayashi's talent, I guess she's definitely going to do it well.  Why do I feel this show will be awesome?


  1. A few random nostalgic thoughts:
    1. Their uniforms (unhenshined) remind me a lot of Dekaranger.
    2. Their buddyroids have an Abaranger/Go-onger feel to it.
    3. Their closing sequence is pretty similar to Gekiranger's with the main characters dancing with all their allies in the background.
    4. One of their poses is just like what the Carrangers did back in the 90s.

    Bold prediction: Gobusters will be a dark-themed series (a lot like Dekaranger/Shinkenger/Hurricaneger) with a touch of goofiness (Abaranger/Gekiranger).

    I could be wrong but let's see...


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