Gokaiger Finale...

Here are my thoughts of the Gokaiger finale.  Sorry for being late because of the lack of images.  So here goes...

The Gokaigers face their biggest challenge ever which is against Ackdos Gill.  Okay some people do consider him to be less thinking (and I am in that list) while Fantasy Leader counts him to be pretty competent.  Views anyone?

Actually the finale in itself is what I'd call a huge exchange of blows, well done CGIs which make it memorable.  Okay I do dare to say that the Zangyacks are more on brute force reliant but that's what makes the choreography and sequences oh so great.  He's pretty insane IMO, taking the whole armada and all.  Actually some of my favorite Sentai villains are insane but he's not as cool as Basco.  But still, cool finale!

In order to take him down, there is the "Battlizer Extravaganza".  Talk about crazy.  Well the Super Sentai heroes made the right decision to give the key to greater power.  Thankfully Gai Ikari didn't die as rumored (phew) and...

Well this has to be the most insanely awesome move in Super Sentai history.  Quite interestingly Abarekiller, Dragon Ranger and Time Fire are just right next to each other.  Did they resurrect Gai Ikari when he was supposedly dead?  Perhaps.  Although I wished that Toshihide Wakamatsu made a guest appearance to inspire Gai Ikari... oh well.  In the finale for some reason he left the Earth.  The others don't have much of a family to go home to either.

In the end, as expected, they finally return the 34 sets of powers even to those who have apparently retired from super hero service. :)

Next week will be Gobusters... by Yasuko Kobayashi.


  1. im gonna miss this show but im ready for Go-busters

  2. when I was a child I was crazily hooked to American Power Rangers, I thought back then that Americans created them but I was wrong, they just copied it from the cool Japanese Super Sentai! hehehe...

    by the way, please hop over our blog & hopefully we can follow each other...


    thank you! ^_^


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