Curse of Bad Luck Sentai Moments

Since it's Friday the 13th so I decided to talk about a few episodes that were really bad luck filled.  These are...

Dynaman Episode 29 (Chimera's Cursed Clothes)- This was an episode where Chimera unleashed her voodoo powers on anybody wearing red.  I hope Fantasy Leader can elaborate on this one!

Jetman Episode 8 (The Laughing Diamond)- The Bloody Diamond is said to contain a curse which hits its own owners.  In fact, the curse was utilized when Maria turned the diamond into a monster that caused insane greed on people.  Ako was a recipient of its curse but she didn't die.

Jetman Episode 19 (I Can See)- Kaori was plagued with visions of bad luck which she thinks could lead to her own death as part of Maria's plan to divide the Jetman.  This was just weird.

Boukenger Task 27 (Feng Shui Trap)- The Jakaryuu Talon used the Feng Shui Compass Board to curse Satoru with extreme bad luck.  Ryuon took pleasure in the experience of seeing his hated rival in that situation.  The episode was hilarious though.

Any more episodes?  Please ADD!