Dekaranger vs. Abaranger Review

Dekaranger vs.Abaranger, a crossover series between two of Naruhisa Arakawa's masterpieces and these two happen to be in Fantasy Leader's list of favorite Sentai series.  So now let's get down to this rather amazing special!


The movie is about where Abrella is introduced to Trinoid #40 by Kazakku named Sauginnan to revive two Alienizers namely Succubus and Gennio.  They both plan to revive the Great Evorian God Dezumoryla for revenge.  The Abarangers and Dekarangers must join forces to beat this menace!

The good:

Knowing Naruhisa Arawaka is a really talented man, he gets his two best shows which creates an entirely dynamic special.  The way the Dekarangers and Abarangers get along is just natural and somewhat realistic.  At first they are in conflict because of different views then they learn to work together.  So let's face it- there is much extreme prejudice between the two groups on how to handle things.  The policemen handle bad guys fare differently than street heroes while both being on the side of justice.  Both of these shows had their dark themes and light themes so there's no reason to see them clash so far.

There were different scenes to watch which involved different types of team-up.  My favorites had to be where Yukito uses his chiropractor skills to help defeat Gennio and the girl power part where Ranru, Jasmine and Umeko all did their out of suit action against Succubus.  Also, it was nice to see Ryouga and Ban put their differences aside to win the battle against Kazakku.  Ryouga's oath of being a "father" to his adopted daughter Mai was also a good fuel material.

Should I mention this also- Mikoto's brief return to FIGHT!  Burai in Zyuranger wasn't that badass from the grave but Mikoto was.  Okay I got to admit it was only because Mikoto got revived by Sauginnan that he returned to help BUT it was good.  It was in fact very nice of Kotaro Tanaka (not Red Hawk's actor) to show up and do Mikoto fans a great service.  The fact he joined in for the final battle before he died again, is just enough to put a tear to my eye.

Yeah, there's Yatsudenwani's funny presence too!  In the middle of the film, it's revealed he is the CEO of Dino Curry which for me is just WTF?!  In the end, he has a rather awesome comedy moment too!

The bad:

As said, this movie has got to have a flaw.  What I find a flaw is the fact that Umeko briefly had a crush on Mikoto- isn't that necrophilia?!  I hope I'm not overreacting on that part!  Also, I'd like to say that I didn't find the scene where Yatsudenwani thought Ban was Ranru a bit funny!  Other than these, this is a great watch for all you Naruhisa Arakawa fans like me!

The ugly:

None I can name of maybe except Yatsudenwani's voice!


  1. This movie has the only time when the K-9 armor is used and Abarekiller is a hero as the writer of the series is trying to make up for lost time for a heroic Mikoto.

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