Magiranger vs. Dekaranger Review


Magiranger vs. Dekaranger focuses more on the Magiranger side.  The Ozu family must get the Flower of Heaven to which Agent X and Babon plan to wreck havoc on Earth with it.  It's an important artifact to which is entrusted to both Doggie and Swan, who seem to be a couple.  The Dekarangers are involved with the Magirangers in defeating Agent X and Babon.

The good:

Both Magiranger and Dekaranger are favorites of mine so I can be biased about this review.  Okay maybe not.  I got to admit that the plot is quite good especially when it involves the Magirangers' family ties which ties in to the Dekarangers.  The interaction between both teams is just good even if it wasn't so good at first.  Ban's being a fireball still remains especially how the movie managed to get the Battlizer from Power Rangers SPD and fit it into a real fireball!  It was hilarious how he intervened with Houka's good plan which caused the temporary conflict as well.  Eventually it gets cooler when both sides finally team up to finally defeat the enemy, which I also liked how their mecha teamed up in the pre-final battle.  The two red rangers teaming up was also one of the best.

The villains are pretty good for me too.  It was interesting to see that Agent X was Infershian yet he also was a student of Abrella in doing intergalactic trade.  Babon, well he's just FUNNY because he was deceived by a disguise that was too obvious, namely when Tetsu and Hikaru were disguised as GIRLS.  It was pretty obvious yet he was deceived for a short time.  Hic seriously!

The theme of romance was also somewhat explored.  While it's not confirmed whether or not Jasmine is dating Tetsu (it's a fan ship I'm on), however it does show how romance goes between the two red rangers.  So it seems that Ban has proposed to Tetsu and for Kai, to his girlfriend Eriko, who they may have been engaged to since they are looking forward to starting a family with them.

The bad:

I'd like to point out a few disappointments.  I'd like to say that it's too bad the film didn't put Jasmine x Tetsu as canon.  Another is that I just like that both Magiranger could have gone super and Dekaranger gone SWAT for the final battle with Agent X and Babon.  But that's just about it!

The ugly:

Jasmine's hair.  Why did Ayumi Kinoshita cut her hair?! :P