Beet Buster and Beet J-Stag: Incoming Gobusters

I found this photo on the Internet and I'm starting to think that whoever designed these guys must be up to some different plot twist.  Looks kinda cool to me so what their purpose?  We'll soon find out when Gobuster hits the 16th episode.  Sadly I got tangled with other stuff to do more reviews of Gobusters which I think might become another Yasuko Kobayashi masterpiece.  Still no idea what their back story is until much later after this post was made.


  1. Wow Beet Buster and Beet J.Stag pics has been around since April. You must have been incredibly tied up. The Buddyroid is a combination of both Rhinoceros and Stag Beetle. It is indicated that the Droid can Morph into Stag Buster. Also what we see is Gold's ability is jumping and Kicking due to the legs. Silver will be his arms via lifting and punching. As the show is in the teens I have a sad feeling there will be no 6th or 7th Buster. It's still too early and too soon to say anything


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