My Picks for Sentai's Rarely Powerful Ranger Abilities in Suit

While there's the norm of Sentai rangers have superpowers, here are the rangers and their few powers I think are just rarely powerful abilities.  Don't worry I love these guys... in fact they're in my favorites list and I enjoy watching them!  They are:

Takeru/Red Mask- He's the only Maskman member who's known how to use the "god fist" attack.  One punch to punch a hole into an enemy monster?  How powerful can you get?!  Okay he can do the god fist out of suit but in suit, that ability rises sky high!

Riki Honoo- He's got unusual levels of power that allowed him to beat Ragorn in a one-on-one battle.

Kou- Aside from being a kid, I personally think his illusion powers are just great like how he created a rock band illusion.  Hey why am I thinking Ryou's powers are not rare?!

Banban Akaza- His instinctive badass moments are just well... WOAH!!!!!

Takeru Shiba- Hey how does he WIELD that Rekka Daizanto?  Seriously other rangers do have their problems carrying super weapons that big!!!!  Then he wields two?!

Gai Ikari- I simply say this guy is AMAZING in Gokaiger.  He has the ability to manipulate the ranger keys into his mobirates that he actually created stuff the other Gokaigers can't.  My favorites are fusing two keys or even the 15 keys into his super mode.  He's got the "wow value".  Apparently he can't see ghosts walking around for some reason.


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