Sentai Rangers Who Fought Drunk

Here were some episodes in Super Sentai where the ranger of the day got really drunk and fought drunk.  Here are those warriors as I can remember:

Remi in episode four of Fiveman got drunk at the beginning when she fell into a dam full of sake. Oh boy... with no water to drink but only sake, she had no choice but to use Drunken Fist against Elephant Jin.  Kinda awesome and funny.

In Dekaranger Case 17, Umeko drank a whole bottle of sake to fight the Alienizer Ial.

In Gekiranger Lesson 30, Retsu also got into drunken boxing when he was fighting some female phantom thieves.

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. Retsu in one episode that has those female phantom thieves.

    1. Hi thanks for the information Ukiya Seed.

  2. Kirin Ranger's whole fighting style was based around "drunk boxing"

  3. You forgot that the Gokaigers are also drunk due to excessive drinking of wine, beer, vodka, gin and anything alcoholic!


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