Sentai Robot Designs I Find Odd

Here are a few Sentai robot designs I just find odd... okay I like these robots but I can't help but bring up their oddities!  Here are they:

Dynaman's Dyna Robo- I really find this design funny.

Maskman's Galaxy Robo- I find the whole idea of having bullets fired from the nipples of the robot ODD.

Turboranger's Super Turbo Robo- The way that both Turbo Robo and Turbo Rugger combine IMO is kinda awkward since it loses its ability to walk plus the size is way too big. I question how they aim the awesome attack at the monster.

I find this combination in Ohranger quite awkward fusing the robots back to back.

Ohranger's Tackle Boy- It's way shorter than the rest of the giant mecha plus I find its body shape kind of awkward. It's still awesome though.

Delta Mega from Megaranger- It's way oddly shaped for me.

Go-onger's G12- I find this combination just super cartoony.


  1. Galaxy Robo is to uncensored for me,but I found cute about the G-12.This is too easy to assemble.

  2. I don't find any of them odd looking... But I do think Super Turbo Robo is clunky looking. As for G12, well, that design just sucks.

  3. Projectile shooting from the breast is nothing new, Mazinger 's Venus/Aphrodite A shot rockets on breast. Guyver's megasmasher is in both his pecs, Danguard Ace had projectile on it's chest .


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