Sentai Villains Fallen Because of the Involvement of Certain Women

Here are some Sentai villains that fell because of women.  Not all of them are unrequited love, others merely fell because a certain woman/women not part of the regular Super Sentai team got involved.  Here are they as I can remember:

Bazoo- If it wasn't for the interference of Sakura of Memeru with the Memory Doll, Bazoo's fall would have not been possible.  Correct me if I'm wrong.

Kiros- He was rivals with Takeru because he wanted Ial.  His lust for Ial became a driving force for him and eventually it led to his downfall.  I say this death was very much of a traditional wuxia drama than a Toku death which IMO isn't bad at all.  I think his death was poetic because his desire for Ial killed him in a way.

Zeba- He feared the coming of his fall when the Igam twins unites.  Igamu and Iyaru were separated by him behind the scenes so his fall would not come.  However when the two united, his fall became inevitable at the hands of the Maskmen.

Vulgyre- In the finale, the real Meadow appeared thanks to the Sidon flowers.  The real Meadow now a ghost waited for so long for the Sidon flowers so she could inevitably destroy Vulgyre who once forced her to be his.

Radiguet- If Rie Aoi didn't backstab him literally, the Jetmen would have no weak spot to exploit.  Nothing prophetic but extremely poetic to end this genocidal maniac's reign of terror before he blows off another world out of his insanity.  He did kill her as if he can't have her, nobody will.

Doukoku- I don't know if he counts or Kaoru could really be considered a regular Shinkenger since she ended up acting more of an ally than a protagonist.  Although Kaoru failed to seal him, her sealing character did open up a weak spot that allowed his final downfall at the hands of the Shinkengers.

Missed any?  Let me know!


  1. You forgot Zimba of the Boma Clan.When he was a human with a Conan-like look. He went out and fought a one man war for a princess that is actually played by a male actor. She found him disgusting in appearance and dispised him and left him to rot after his defeat and capture. He became the dreaded samurai villain when his hatred for love help him grow powerful after death.

    1. Wow what a revelation that the princess was played by a male actor?! Looks too female. Oh boy, what if Zimba was in love with a man who he thought was a woman?!

    2. Oh yes I have that episode on VHS still and I got more then I bargain for especially the princess being played by a transvestite and Zimba's origin. At that time in 1994, I thought Zimba was a cooler version of Goldar/Griforcer with that cool Samurai from hell design.

  2. Forget Emperor Exhaus gets defeated as he betrayed Zonette who in turn releid the rest of Bowzock to team up with Carranger to defeat the real villain.


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