Top Five Sentai Villain Deaths

In response to a similar post by Fantasy Leader, I've decided to make one.  A powerful death is when it causes much impact, sorrow and it's not just the standard villain blowing up.  No I would say it would actually trigger a series of emotions of either joy or sadness instead of just a bad-ass scene- which makes it memorable or where the karma is that heavy.  So here's what I'd call my top five picks, am just waiting for more similar posts:

5.) Ahames- I do agree with Fantasy Leader on this one being a powerful death.  Compared to Mazurka's use as a bomb or Baraba's betrayal which I believe was just pretty standard double-cross, Ahames was very loyal to her planet (then again I so want to question it) for somebody who was seemingly a complete monster against the Changemen.  She was in fact a very cruel adversary you'd really say she's gone nuts.  In fact, I wanted to really kill her when she was gloating over Shiima's dying fate.  So yeah, she's really sadistic but I did feel sorry for her when we realize she wanted her planet free from Bazoo's grasp (then again, she might conquer the Galaxy if she got it back).  She did manage to free herself from the Space Beast but she went nuts and to fulfill her final mission, she died unable to see her planet freed.

4.) Akomaru- I do consider his death kinda powerful.  Why?  Although he is really a villain, however I did have feelings of sympathy for him especially with how his dad treats him like trash.  I really did feel sorry for him when he finally got to meet his mother where they both died, dying at his embrace knowing he was loved.  Only if he got a second chance. :(

3.) Doctor Man- Although he was the main villain in Bioman, I did have some sympathy for this old man and considered his death memorable and powerful.  His relationship with his son wasn't exactly good, his son hated him after knowing the monster he was.  In the end, I just really shed some tears when his son Shuichi began to prod him to stop the Anti-Bio Bomb that could have blown off the Earth to bits.  Why was it powerful?  So here- Shuichi and him got a real father and son issue which I felt was a necessary driving force to finish Bioman.  There was the struggle of feelings about his pride and insanity, which in the end he finally gave in to his son's last request which resulted to his self-destruction.  It could be too late after all.  It was pretty much a Darth Vader death.

2.) Kiros- I really agree with Fantasy Leader picking Kiros' death as a powerful one (but I've given him a higher number) because it focuses on his greed and downfall from greed.  Okay I wanted Takeru or the girls to kill him but doing so would be pretty standard considering he's a greedy man.  So his actions and his entire motives revolve around one woman- Ial, while all the while I thought it was kind of questionable why he never attempted to flirt with Momoko.  So yeah, he was always trying to get what he wants and he at first double crossed Baraba so he could get Ial when Tube refused her to him later on.  The part he kidnaps Oyobur and forces him to melt Ial was the event leading to his rather well-deserved death.  He tried to protect Ial not out of love but out of lust, because she was just so hot for him.  Eventually being impaled, seeing Ial at the hands of his rival, made him see he can't have what he was lusting for and died.  Kinda a hard lesson for guys, and considering he's my favorite Maskman villain.  This was a very well written death if you ask me, somewhat meticulously edited from start to finish.

1.) Maria- Here's my top pick of all time.  I would say Maria's relationship with Radiguet was anything but pleasant.  So at first we thought she died but then, some Jetman fans would have discovered Maria was actually Rie Aoi brainwashed by Radiguet.  So Radiguet developed a crush on her later on for some reason, lusting after her and regardless who won, he declared her "his" even if she wouldn't be his.  It becomes more powerful because when Maria was temporarily restored, she remembered Ryu Tendo only for Radiguet to turn her back into Maria because he would not want to lose her.  Later she did recover from being Maria but it left her traumatized, saying she no longer deserves Ryu's love.  She also before her death, struck Radiguet from behind as an act of vengeance to show she will never be his and she'd rather be dead.  Radiguet so greedily holding to her killed her that it traumatized both Ryu and Radiguet (hee hee, when did that genocidal guy ever feel any sorrow?).  Radiguet although he was an extremely cruel man, he did feel some form of breakdown after he himself killed Maria.  Overall, really a super cruel scene that leads to much sadness.

There's my list.  Fantasy Leader did a very good job compiling his, now I wish all the other Sentai fans will also write their versions which I expect to contain big differences.


  1. Bias of Volt, died a honorable death of defeat as he hyper aged and all his minions turned on him or was murdered by him as they did not met his standard in reaching the ultimate factor of logic. The Goma Generals got the best death scene as they all where finally defeated by all 7 Dai Clan. Shadam went out like Saoramon the White as they both lost their powers and was equally useless. Ryo made sure Shadam's fate was marked by death.

  2. Sean you should write a poll on Top 10-20 Sentai Femme Fatale villainnes. I think the most provocative and sexy actress is Fukumi Kuroda who portrayed Queen Ahmes in Changeman. She can do both unstability and madness with a sex appeal that attracts the male fans. Ms. Kuroda is still acting and after 27 years since Changeman she is still as beautiful and attractive as ever. She has never did another Toku series after Changeman.

    1. I don't know about that if I can do it but I'll try.

    2. Here's me taking the challenge:


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