A Tribute To Super Sentai Mothers

Here are some of the devoted mothers and some bad ones too of Super Sentai. So we know they're mothers but let's see if they're good ones or bad ones.

Setsuko Kageyama

Dr. Man's wife was forced to abandon her son Shuichi to the Nakayama family. It was because of her estranged husband's plans for world domination that forced her to do it. She came out of hiding somewhere in between the introduction of Prince and when the letter was given to Shuichi revealing everything the Biomen needed to know about Dr. Man himself. 

Akira's mother

Akira grew up in a single parent home in Maskman. She was only featured in a few flashbacks. Akira hopes to be reunited with her someday.


Baraba's mother only appeared in episode 30 of Hikari Sentai Maskman. Although she's a villain but I can't deny she does love her son. I have to admit even if she double-crossed Akira but she does love her son.

Kaori's parents

Kaori's mother only appeared for one episode in Jetman. They're so wealthy and too busy that Kaori gets home alone a lot. They appeared to meet Gai Yuki who their daughter Kaori later had a break-up but still remained friends.

Kaori Rokumeikan Tendo

For some reason, Toshiki Inoue really paired them at the end. I always found it funny how there's been a LOT of foreshadowing between her and Ryu so it's no surprise they ended up with each other. In the Jetman Encyclopedia, they named their son Gai Tendo. In the Manga-verse of Jetman, they had a daughter named Aya Tendo instead.

Witch Bandora 

At first, Bandora is seen to be a wicked witch who hates children but can't remember why. She's always having her crazy schemes against children. It's later revealed she had a son named Prince Kai who died after being chased by an angry dinosaur parent. Prince Kai was cracking open dinosuar eggs so he got what was coming. She made a deal with Dai Satan and was granted magical powers. When her son died a second time, she lost all her powers shedding her tears. Good thing the show gave us an explanation why she's that kind of villain... since a lot of Tokusatsu shows tend to fail to tell audiences why Super Sentai villains ended up that way.


She ended up giving birth during Zyuranger's finale. It's unknown when she got pregnant and how long time passed since they were sealed of. But honestly, I thought this was funny. In the end, the cuteness of Griforther's and Lami's son made Bandora change her mind about children.

Ryou's mother

When Zhang Liao was long absent, Ryou's mother was there to take care of him and her sister in a single parent home. She wasn't that featured that much in Dairanger.

Kou's and Akomaru's mother

Compared to her evil husband Shadam, she loved both of her sons dearly. She even died protecting her other son Akomaru. I always felt her pain about her strange relationship with Shadam, her desire to make sure Kou doesn't suffer Akomaru's fate and her desire to redeem Akomaru. Hmmm... I really wished Daisuke Tachi played the role of Shadam instead because her actor is Mikiko Miki.

Queen Hysteria

Even when she as considered love and human emotions stupid, she contradicted herself. As the series passed, she showed human emotions like when she was crushed to see her husband Bacchushund defeated by the Oh-Blocker. Plus she really also cared a lot about her son Prince Buldont. In the finale, she committed suicide to save her grandson Buldont Jr.

Kenta's mother

She is very strict about rearing her slacker son. What happened to Kenta's father is never revealed. Either she's widowed, divorced or an out-of-wedlock mother. The show never makes it clear where Kenta's father is.

Ritsuko Tatsumi 

She is the mother of the GoGoV team. She went missing searching for her missing husband who had no choice but to leave. She eventually comes back during the finale arc to be reunited with her family.

Grand Witch Grandienne

I've developed a habit of calling her as Grand B*tch Grandienne for this reason. She's an extremely cruel and callous person. She's a picture of what every mother should NOT be. She doesn't really care about her children and is more than willing to disown them when her desires are not met. She even banished her own son Prince Salamandes to Hell, she's even asked Zylpheeza to shoot down her other son Kubolda just so the GoGo-V can forever be destroyed. Truly a very terrifying foe indeed. Considering she's Negative Energy Incarnate, she's most likely siring her children without the aid of a male partner.

Mrs. Asami

Tatsuya's mother was a contrast to her cold husband. She was a loving mother to Tatsuya. I always felt that there's so much dysfunctional behavior in the Asamis. I guess that's why Ryuya Asami turned out that way in the Year 3000.

Honami Moriyama

Honami as a single mother to Mirai Moriyama. In Timeranger, he was simply called Domon Jr. because believe it or not, he's Domon's child. I felt like where or when did they two have time to even get intimate before the finale?! For reasons unknown, the writers decided to call him Mirai in Gokaiger.


She is Eiji's mother. Long ago, she had an Ashu suitor in Ouga but she instead chose a mortal man Kando Takaoka and had a half-Ashu, half-human son named Eiji. In the present day, she continues to watch her son from the grave Her spirit can't move on the next life until Eiji inevitably dies.

Natsuki's mother

Natsuki's mother deserves tribute as much as her father. She's also acted by Eri Tanaka.

Miki Masaki 

She is Natsume's mother. Her husband was never seen in Gekiranger.

Jan's mother

Jan's mother deserves tribute for risking her life so her son can make it to safety. She only appeared in a flashback in later episodes of Gekiranger.

Ran Uzaki's mother Reiko

She appeared in one episode of Gekiranger hoping to get her to get the "perfect husband". I really felt moments like these can be funny or annoying. In this case, I've been mixed with her appearance.

Mako's mother

Okay we learn that she had no choice but to leave Mako behind to her relatives. Mako grows up with her grandmother and other relatives because Mako's mother was injured and had to undergo intensive treatment. She really wished to be reunited with her daughter one day.

Miyuki Ozu

Miyuki is the devoted mother of the Ozu siblings. Too bad though she wasn't able to raise Houka properly.

Ahim's mother

Ahim De Famille's mother appeared in a flashblack.

Yakumo's mother 

She appeared in Ninninger. She and Tsumuji Igasaki are siblings. She's currently into fashion design.

Reiko Tanba
She's Souji's mother who really had a bad divorce with her husband. I always felt that she got so annoying in asking for his custody. Good thing she and her family reconciled after that.

Sakurako Igasaki

She's the wife of Tsumuji Igasaki and the mother of both Takaharu and Fuuka.

Wakako Kazakiri

She is Yamato Kazakiri's deceased mother. She appeared as a ghost once. Yamato once misunderstood his father over her death. It turned out that he couldn't attend to her last moments because something else more important came along the way.

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Updated: May 15, 2017


  1. In the Christmas episode of Timeranger, Honami gave Domon a present which caused a really interesting reaction. My guess was that was the night they first slept together. It's a very traditional romantic holiday in this country. A couple of times later, Honami was trying to find a way to bring up "Honey, I'm in the family way."

  2. Good list, though you did miss one, Gekiranger's Miki, which is kind of weird considering you had her other role as Mako's mom on the list. That's all, I think.


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