Foreshadowing Events about Zeba in Maskman

If there was anything that I considered to have some massive foreshadowing in Maskman, it's not Igam's gender (the audience knows that she is a woman raised to be a man, only the Maskman couldn't see the obvious for some reason) but it was rather Zeba's origins.

In episode 11 (correct me if I'm wrong), the crown of the Underground would reveal Zeba's illegitimate leadership of the Tube.  It was the crown of the late queen of the Tube whose only words that we could hear were that Zeba was an usurper.  However Baraba destroyed the crown before anything else could be revealed.  In fact, the audience is given the idea that Zeba's rule was illegitimate therefore he must be hiding a dreadful secret.

In episode 35, we get to see another foreshadowing of Zeba's identity.  It was in that episode when there was this forbidden tomb where Kiros sought to unleash the power of Lethal Dobler, while everybody is unaware of Zeba's true identity.  What happens here is Zeba is teleported away, Anagbas tries to do research on Lethal Dobler yet discovers that the book has a few missing pages, hinting Zeba may have tore them himself.  Zeba looked like he was mutating in that episode.

In episodes 43-46, again some hints of Zeba are mentioned until he is finally revealed.  What happens is that like in episode 35, Zeba gets teleported away and then he returns.  I can't really remember the exact details but all that soon happens later is this- Gorun Dogra (correct me if I'm wrong) revealed the secret of the bloody pond is connected to Zeba and that there were rumors that Zeba is Lethal Dogra.  Kiros later learns that the original Lethal Dogra has died then wonders who Zeba could be.  Perhaps Kiros behind the scenes discovered that Zeba wasn't really human after all.

Eventually in episode 50, we finally discover that Zeba was the son of the original Lethal Dogra (who could possibly be female) who devoured his parent to gain power.  Quite a sick story if you ask me.  And it was in fact a chilling irony to face as the series was coming to an end.  

Missed any?  Let me know!