Gokaiger Team Analysis

I just thought I've had mixed feelings on the Gokaigers but I'll give the cast the analysis they deserve. Okay now here goes nothing... give corrections if I'm wrong because I'm really still rewatching it. Okay now it's time for Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger...

Captain Marvelous

Where do I start? I just thought he's more similar to Satoru Akashi but probably done right for some. Both are kind of a typical pirate- a love for adventure and a high risk taker to satisfy his curiosity. I just thought that his character was kind of cocky at first, although we do learn of his past was kind of tragic. What I thought of him and Akashi was that it was fun seeing how the flaw of being reckless and adventurous was put to the leader in itself where despite his shortcomings, he never forgot about his duty as the leader. My favorite plot of his had to be with Basco which from the episode where Basco appeared to when they settled their rivalry, it was well-written despite flaws.

Joe Gibken

Silent, mysterious- what can I say about this loyal first mate? Despite being tough on the outside, he's one of those who are really kind and gentle but we just don't know it until we know him deeper. I just thought that his back story where he was once a Zangyack commander who was marked for death for refusing to kill children was just good added drama as well as his relationship with Sid Bamarck/Barizorg. I just want to compare his situation to Kotaro Minami and Nobohiko Akizuki, once friends turned enemies which is just good development. Well in the end, he made the right choice to beat Barizorg just like Kamen Rider Black did in finally defeating Shadow Moon.

Luka Millfy

I just thought she could be to a certain extent be the "show rebel" and she does sometimes clash with Captain Marvelous. So she's quite an anti-heroine because she had the background story of being a thief, or another was where she was a poor girl who through the difficulties in life learned to be an infiltrator and a reconnaissance expert. It was kind of fun to watch her urges to steal, sometimes even getting into trouble which she did also use her acute reflexes in combat. It was fun watching her chemistry with Captain Marvelous though it's not canon they are ever a couple.

Don Dogoier aka Doc

Well he's the gadget expert and also kind of a coward. However as the series goes on, I just thought he did gain a certain level of self-confidence though at first he just doesn't like taking risks in contrast to Captain Marvelous. It was fun watching him being the brains of the group even if he was a coward to a certain extent.

Ahim de Famille

Well she's kind of a newbie to pirating as she was a princess who lost her kingdom. I just thought she did have some chemistry with either Joe or later Gai Ikari. She does start off pretty clumsy, reminding me of Kaori's earlier days as a Jetman and later she learns to be more decent in combat though it's not really her expertise. What I liked about her was that like most pink rangers, she was also involved in easing conflicts among the members.

Gai Ikari

Whhhhyyy?! Well that's the face of Gai Ikari! So I just thought how he survived the truck accident or perhaps he died and was revived. Regardless, he was an odd choice to choose from all the people by the ghosts of Burai, Mikoto and Naoto who made him Gokai Silver. He's the Super Sentai fan with some unsual powers like combining ranger keys to the point he created his Gold Armor mode. What I pretty much find weird about him is that while he had some unusual abilities, he could not see Gai Yuki for some reason perhaps because he has no third eye or he's human- or I just blame the goddess for making Gai Yuki invisible to him much to his dismay. While he's the comedy relief he does get serious when need be. Well he did leave the Earth for the finale but it'll be unknown when he'll return to Earth. Did he give his parents a call?


  1. Gokaigers was not the most perfect series ever but is one of the best. Marvelous is the return of the manly if not confident Red that takes no for an answer. Joe is the Blue Bad Boy, almost a James Dean- esque rebel without a cause. He is the best if not almost complicated Blue plus he has great long hair! Luka is the tough rouge and Ahim is the aristocratic but yet cool headed warrior that adapts quickly. Please don't you ever compare Ahim to Kaori, Ahim is much more gorgeous , has perfect teeth and never bitch nor complains. To me, even some of the colors are off, she has the same demeanor as Blue Dolphin and Pteraranger. Doc to me is the weakest character as he is just the wing coward, the wimpy Green since Shion Timegreen. Alot of the tough guy Keys he uses gets watered down by his wimpyness as such powers as Shi Shi ranger, Ninja Black and etc. Ikari is the annoying, over the top fanboy. But he got the best theme and he is a better fighter then Doc which earns my respect. Gokaigers forever!!!

  2. Whe you ask to a Net Movie or any trivial video, why Gai Ikari can't see Gai Yuuki probably because Jetman has no 6th official main team. Also, his label as fans was bad to encounter with Gai Yuuki. So he has to be wiped from the Jetman episode. LoL


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