Gokaiger vs. Gavan Review

I just really thought of this- Gokaiger is visiting my childhood! So here's what I can say- I never dreamed of a Gokaiger vs. Gavan video knowing that Super Sentai is supposedly separate from Kamen Rider and Metal Hero, in fact I'm assuming that Super Hero Taisen is going to be non-canon. So here are my thoughts about it:

The Good:

Ga-ga-ga-van! What do I have to say? Everything goes back to my childhood when I used to watch a Gavan dub which at first, I didn't mind the dub because it wasn't horrific. I did remember the number of times I always impersonated Gavan by saying "Space Sheriff Gavan" and all. Well I would have wished it would be with Sharivan but Gavan does fine. In fact, Keiji Ohba showing up for minor roles every now and then is a plus. As said, they age and they get minor roles yet we can never forget their younger days.

The beginning starts with how Gavan attacked the Gokaigers, so we thought that he had gone berserk only to discover he had a plan with exposing the corruption inside the Space Police which was, by any means a surprise to the Gokaigers. I just liked how the battle happened or how Captain Marvelous was linked to my childhood of Gavan. Oh boy, I just find it freaky how my dream of jumping into Gavan's arms coincidentally got into this film. Also, the idea of Don Horror's descendant in the film's main villain who also created a Gavan Bootleg which was what I'd say you can't beat the real deal. Ah the good old days, me watching Gavan in an attempt to escape the hard reality of life. But all I can say is I gushed over Gavan in this film as well as the hilarious cameos of Battle Kenya and Denzi Blue, all acted by Kenji Ohba.

Should I comment on the final battle? I just liked how Gavan's music did play while he did his part. My favorite battle was actually the Gavan Bootleg vs. Gavan to show how the real deal beats a pirated fake. The Gokaigers actually did enter the Makuu Dimension, it is being used in the final battle and it disappeared again. I just say, "Oh boy my childhood!" It was kinda nice to see the different illusions played through again even if it's been some time Gavan aged. Gavan did age gracefully after all evidenced by Kenji Ohba's still fighting even when he is an old man! I just wonder who his family is?

The Bad:

I just thought that why Yatsudenwani had to be there and HIT on Luka then Ahim and yet he gets away unscathed after being released from Makuu prison?! Seriously I wish Yatsudenwani got arrested in this movie! Or maybe, I would also like to comment on the presence of Gaiarc wasn't helping either. Otherwise, they are minor nuisances I can wink on. Also I just found the introduction of Gobusters to be not as exciting or another, Basco's part was too small. I just also thought come on, how did Don Horror have a descendant? I mean San Dorva was not known to have any children meaning this is a major plothole. Also, I wish they could have further elaborated on the Makuu's origins and how Don Horror became a wall villain. :(

The Ugly:

None I can think of

Overall rating:

I would recommend it for all who fantasized Gavan and Super Sentai meeting, sort of a nostalgia trip especially for me who grew up with watching Gavan.