Super Hero Taisen... Some Gush Value...

Well talk about GUSH.... I'm GUSHING!  As said, this was the result of this...

Just a funny illustration and kudos to whoever made this funny photo... you rock!

Well this one makes me gush.  Why?  I remembered watching both Maskman and Kamen Rider Black as a child.  Both series were part of that childhood and delusions.  Just seeing them even for awhile is an "ooohhhh" to me remembering both series.

Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen
Or one can consider what if your childhood favorites fought side by side to correct a timeline gone wrong?   Then again how did Black and Black RX split again- it's been I mean the third time the past and future meet?!

Super Hero Disaster Net Movie 30s Teaser
I am yet to see but I will definitely want to see it.  Even if I'm not much of a Kamen Rider fan but it's fun to relive those good times that prevented me from going insane.


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