Why Maskman is My Favorite Super Sentai for the 80s?

Okay there have been a few beefs I've had about Maskman like Momoko being barely developed and she and Takeru barely had interaction (but they did have a few interesting interactions imo).  However I cannot deny how this show was pretty much my favorite 80s Sentai.  I really think this show could have inspired later writers like the late Noboru Sugimara and Yasuko Kobayashi in some way.  Okay I wonder what Sentai you think is best during the 80s so comment all you please and tell me why.  But now, here are the reasons for my Maskman frenzy:

I just thought that the characters were pretty interesting even if Kenta and Momoko weren't that developed (well that was the 80s) but the martial arts aspect plus the characters made it something new as they show us real kick ass action, creating a mold for martial arts based Super Sentai for much later like Dairanger and Gekiranger.  I just thought that the backstories of Takeru (with Ial), Akira (being a devoted son) and Haruka (forced into a tomboy life) were pretty much interesting.  Oh, I just thought of Kenta's racing days and Momoko's interaction with the late queen of Tube were also pretty interesting.  As for the rangers' martial arts, it was also choreography-wise, pretty intense.

But sigh and caught red-handed as well, I'll also admit my enjoyment of Momoko as well due to her beauty, elegance yet she can hurt the balls!!!!  I just thought that while Mai (Change Phoenix) and Lou (Pink Flash) were kinda out of balance, Momoko kinda created the mold of bashing beauty for future heroines.  Oh crud, why am I enjoying a show because of her?!

I just thought that the Galaxy Robo story was really well-written for two episodes that replicating its idea into other Sentai didn't fit as well as Maskman.  Now I know Hirohisa Soda also wrote the Ohranger episode of the Red Puncher but, I think the Galaxy Robo's transition and introduction into the show was really just that well-done and well-covered in those two episodes.  I just thought the idea of a Sentai robot gone berserk and taming it to fight later is cool.

The villain interaction.  I just thought that it was pretty much of a thriller on part of the Maskmen that they are not aware of the fact that Igam is a woman or that in earlier episodes, Ial's identity was never revealed at first that she was actually a member of Tube.  I pretty find the interaction of the characters of the underground and the surface world a combination of discrimination, drama and the forbidden romance between Takeru and Ial just intensified... especially when Takeru is aware of Igam being Ial's sister (but never knew at first that Igam was a woman).  Also when the nuisance villain Kiros stepped in, he added more drama to where he and Takeru both race for Ial- Takeru for love and Kiros for lust while striking a deal with the empire.  Oh, I just thought that Zeba's progressive story to what's behind his mask was although not perfectly wrapped, but a very interesting twist that he was in fact the legendary underground monster Lethal Dobler II.  The whole deception was already hinted quite early, being a foreshadow.

This is just what I can write for now... I'll be slowing down for some time.


  1. Maskman's one of my favorites, and I don't think it gets the attention it deserves. I never really felt like the heroes are so badly underdeveloped as people say -- it's true that Takeru and Akira get a bulk of the focus, but I always thought that the casting was so good all around that they helped make the characters stand out even when they didn't get their own episodes.

    Momoko's one of my favorite heroines, and I never really thought she was generic -- I think there's enough glimpses of who she's supposed to be and Kanako Maeda does such a good job that I always felt like you still know who she is. Yeah, she still needed some more episodes, but...there's been heroines who were worse off. The episode where she fights Skull Dogler for the sake of her honor is an episode you'd never see a heroine nowadays have.

    I agree with you about the Galaxy Robo episodes, too. I'm usually not interested in the episodes that debut new mecha, but Maskman did it in such a unique way, and actually made you care about the heroes obtaining it and gaining control of it, and there was the tragedy of Yamagata, and the fact that Galaxy Robo feels kind of alive. All that and good location work, and Sugata getting to go out!

    Sorry for blabbering on, but I love Maskman!

    1. Hi Shougo B'Stard.

      Well I did have my beefs about Takeru and Momoko not having much interaction, oh well but that was really the 80s.

      I do agree with Momoko that she needed more episodes yet it's all about quality and not quantity.

      I'll be checking on your blog as well. Thanks.


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