Bioman Team Analysis

In honor of Fantasy Leader and Ukiya Seed for doing some Bioman analysis, I'll do my own version although I have yet to feature a spotlight on some of my favorite childhood heroes.  Seriously I really thought of Chodenshi Bioman as a bionic mover for Super Sentai just as Dynaman was dynamic and Changeman changed Sentai.  Pun intended.

Now on to the character analysis:

Shiro Gou/Red One
Ancestor: A samurai

Okay for a start, he's a space pilot for the first Japanese shuttle in 1984.  I did think that he did put his dreams behind when he became a Bioman, proved to be a responsible leader and all.  Okay maybe a mold for future reds?  I would say so.  I did think that he could have introduced the concept of civilian super powers for certain rangers as unlike the others, he's the only one who had unusual powers out of suit.  In his case, he could speak to animals.  I just thought it was fun seeing his rivalry with Mason although Fantasy Leader counts Mason as "cardboard".  It does get interesting when he has the "father arc" to where he thought his father had died but in reality, later met him still alive and in a disguise.  It does get strong when he realizes that his father was also Dr. Man's rival as well.  I really thought it was sad for him to see his father die before his very eyes.  My favorite moment was when he and Mason really had their final battle although he didn't get the chance to put an end to Mason.

Shingo Takasugi/Green Two
Ancestor where he got bio particles from: A hunter who looks like him

Now it's time for Green Two, somebody I didn't like that much.  He was frequently stuck with the child of the week when it was his focus.  But no problem really, I thought even if the actor didn't do that well, at least I didn't get to puke.  My favorite focus episode of his was when he mishandled the Bio Turbo and it fell into the hands of Monster and Juuoh and he made up for his mistakes or the other, when he later showed his determination to finish where he quit- that was baseball.

Ryuuta Nanbara/Blue Three
Ancestor where he got bio particles from: A fisherman who looks like him

For some reason, I really liked him as a kid and still do until now.  He does frequently get into trouble, he was pretty naive yet he did show some character development.  What I liked about him was when like for example in episode nine, he beat Messerjuu by himself and never gave up despite troubles.  My favorite focus on him was when he faced Dr. Man's supposed "son" the Black Prince.  I just loved how he opposed the Prince, took a gunshot wound to save a mother and rang some serious logic into that sadistic guy's head!    Well I'll also give him tribute to when he was framed by his mechaclone replica and how he really got out of that weird tangle of a maze which he could have been put to jail wrongly.   Overall, pretty much my favorite Bioman for that reason of being badass in the face of trouble.

Mika Koizumi/Yellow Four I
Ancestor where she got bio particles from: A female ninja who looks like her

She may have just lasted for ten episodes but she did leave an impact.  Again, I'm always wondering why Yuki Yajima left.  Now for the character... she was the first rebel character but she had her reasons.  It was something that she was pictured to be hesitant to fight yet she could kick your butt if you messed with her.  Her reasons for leaving was because of her passion for nature and photography, which makes her sort of an environmentalist.  I just thought it was fun seeing her in some kind of conflict with Shiro while Shingo could understand her to a certain extent.  Sadly she had to die because the actress left.  I did consider her death to be the most powerful Sentai ranger death ever.  She gave up all she dreamed for to save the others.  Pretty rushed but I remembered crying over her death in which she took all the anti-bio particle shots.  Despite her short stay, she provided inspiration for other female characters like Natsumi in Carranger (both wore red and opposed the red ranger) and Chisato in Megaranger (though Chisato wasn't a rebel of sorts, she was a photographer).  Fortunately her character was dubbed as "Casey" and not "Trini" because Thuy Trang's death would remind us of her death too. =(  I just thought that I hope to see a Mika-type character again complete with being a photographer to last an entire season.

Jun Yabuki/Yellow Four II
Ancestor where she got bio particles from: Presumably the same with Mika's

Although Mika had just died, the Biomen didn't allow her to join.  I guess Shiro was afraid of losing another member as well but later, she joined them as they discovered she also had Bio Particles.  Okay is she related to Mika or not?  Kinda a mystery especially that the ancestors' issue was never removed or retconned.  Peebo stated that there are still more descendants so maybe she and Mika shared the same ancestor.  So compared to Mika, she wasn't hesitant to fight though like her, she had some artsy skills.  I thought she was pretty less mature at the start but matured much later.  I pretty find it sometimes "oh my" whenever I see her do more dangerous stunts compared to the rest.  My favorite aspect of her was being an archer where she gave up winning medals for Japan to continue fighting and two, her supposed chemistry with Shiro.  I thought she and Shiro got easily into a chemistry trip compared to that of Shiro and Mika.  Overall, a more than qualified replacement for Mika even if I like Mika more.  Just my two cents.

Hikaru Katsuragi/Pink Five
Ancestor where she got bio particles from: A noblewoman

I guess nobody can forget that she was named "Kimberly" for the dub if you're Filipino.  I thought that while she wasn't very tough in combat, she did make up for her lack of toughness with her wits and strategy.  I could never forget her flute playing or two, her smile.  She was really quite charming and all wrapped with her being emotional which makes her so human.  So maybe, it was the time for pink rangers to get a weaker in combat but better in tactics type of character concept.  Whether it was Mika or Jun she was with, she was pretty helpful.  I did remember how she actually managed to fool both the Biomen and Monster that she was trapped under that mind control camera - my favorite moment of her overall!


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