From Enter to Escape

I just really thought that for Gobusters lately, this femme fatale is one deadly chick.  Okay I wish they got a hotter chick to play this role to make her look deadlier but Enter has been given more emphasis on her evil inside than anything on the natural outside.  I just thought it seems to be that she will replace Enter who has been failing the "Messiah" virus.  I just wonder what dark element will Escape ever have after being created by Messiah to replace Enter for continuous failures.

Well here's one scene I thought was really despicable... directly assaulting children!  I just thought she's one deadly villain!  I'll probably see her do more cooler stuff than Enter and I guess she'll replace him. I guess things will get darker soon.


  1. So far, I find Escape to be a really lame villain. =/ She's hardly threatening at all and has hardly brought any new conflict to the show. sigh -__-

    1. She only made 3 appearance, too soon to tell. Enter really did not do anything self ambitious except making monsters and failing in stealing Enetron.

    2. My issue with Escape so far stems from the fact that Go-Busters' story has been painfully slow. I was hoping Escape could add some more conflict, but she's hardly brought anything new to the show. She's supposed to be a foil towards Enter, but Enter hardly seems phased by her.

      There's also the fact that Escape wimped out in ep 23. She gets 4 guys who are in no position to fight, and they all fall on top of her. She's hardly hurt, yet she's annoyed enough to run away. She could've killed them easily there! But nope, she just had to run off, just cause she has some wimpy attitude problems. Hardly what I'd call threatening. If it was a villain like Nefel from Flashman, she'd still be fighting and would only retreat if the heroes backed her in a corner.

      I don't want to judge her so early, but man, she's left such a bad impression so far imo. And that's not really what Go-Busters needs at the moment.


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