Maskman Mecha Analysis

Well now I'd like to talk about Hikari Sentai Maskman's set of mecha.  I just think they are one of the coolest mecha I've ever seen.  Here are they...

The Turbo Ranger (no, not the Super Sentai :P).  I thought it had a very grand design that it looked like a giant car.  I just loved how this baby fired those missiles.  It carried the mecha of the Maskmen into battle.

The Mask Machines.  I would dare compare the design of the Masky Fighter to the Volt Crewzer in Voltes V in some ways.  I just had my thoughts that this was the first time in Super Sentai history where every ranger got their own vehicle rather than share their own vehicle, plus it was already good that they also shared the same cockpit too.  I just also gave my thoughts it was cool how the Masky Drill was also used in rescue operations as well, probably giving room much later for Gogo V's rescue concepts.

Great Five- Perhaps easily one of the best Super Sentai main robot designs.  I just gave some thought on how this robot used the propeller of the Masky Gyro, the blasters of the Masky Drill and the wing of the Masky Jet for its weapons.  Where they went during the gattai, perhaps they got teleported to the base' mecha compartment.  I easily thought that the Final Burst attack was cool, seeing how the sword was pulled out from the shield, the robot lifted up bathed in aura energy then went near the enemy.  It could have inspired Jet Icarus' finishing move.

The Land Galaxy truck would transform itself into the Galaxy Robo.  I just thought that the idea of a robot that killed its own pilot and later controlled by the Maskmen was pretty much of a solid mecha drama, which was later attempted into Ohranger and Shinkenger in different angles.  I just had some O_o over its chest cannons... kinda funny if you ask me.  Despite that funny factor, I say this was another of my favorite mechas of all time due to its Aura Fist finisher move which was done after that magnificent Aura Final Burst.  Why this was the robot used to eventually destroy Zeba in the finale.


  1. Update: Unfortunately in Gokaiger, the Turbo Ranger, the Great Five and Galaxy Robo are all destroyed by Zangyack Fleet and Underground Empire Tube (except Queen Ial and Buddhist Nun Igam). In Gokaiger-Goseiger 199 Great Legend War, only the Great Five was among the resurrected mecha helping GokaiOh (GoukaiOu/Heroic King) and GoseiGreat/Five Star Great defeating Black Cross King and his minions.


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