Maskman Weapons and Vehicles

Well for Fantasy Leader to do some Bioman reviews, I think I'll do some Maskman tackling on my nostalgia.  Now here's the weapons and what I think...

Just pretty standard.... nothing much to say.

Well okay I don't have their individual pictures but I thought the show's got some awesome weaponry.  Okay aside from Red Mask's wielding his own unique sword together called the Masky Blade, it kinda gets awesome when he uses it with the default sword.  For Black Mask, his Masky Rod's ability to become a nunchuck of sorts is badass- perhaps it really gave the idea for Dairangers' rods which each ranger could transform it into something else.  For Blue Mask's Masky Tonfas, I say they kick ass so don't underestimate him just because he's the youngest.  For the Masky Rotor, I count it as one of the coolest weapns ever.  For Pink Mask's Masky Ribbon, it's kinda getting Goggle Pink's ribbon upgraded.

I did think that the Spin Cruiser was the spiritual ancestor of Jetman's Jet Striker and both red rangers were stuck in their own love problems.  For the motorcycles, I'd say the design looks cool.

Like its predecessors Changeman and Flashman, they did start off with their own team cannon since episode one.  Hoever Kiros damaged it and then came...

The Jet Cannon.  I thought it was pretty much similar in design to the Masky Fighter. :P  I just like how this weapon also served as a flyer, perhaps another spiritual ancestor for the flying boards in Megaranger and Timeranger.