Red Hawk's Enmity with Radiguet

I just thought that examination of the rivalry between Red Hawk and Radiguet is a pretty interesting one compared to that of Gai and Gure, to which I felt was "too random" compared to Masumi vs. Yaiba.  Now I just thought here's my analysis.  I'll probably do more rivalry analysis after this as well.

What was the root of this conflict?  I just had my thought that Radiguet was quite a random encounter at first, did the pretty standard act of despicably evilness by blowing up the Skybase satellite.  What I thought was this that it was that day Ryu lost his beloved Rie.  She didn't die but instead, for some creepy reason Radiguet turned her into a Vyram but Ryu is not a bit aware of that yet....

The rivalry between them started in Jetman episode six, when Radiguet and Ryu first met.  So here, Radiguet introduces himself as the earl of Vyram and calls humanity as stupid and hateful, as if he wasn't himself.  Ryu shows some hope for humanity while the other looks at everything doomed to fall into darkness.  So their first battle was really something because Radiguet could NEVER forget the wound Red Hawk inflicted on him on their first battle.  So what goes next?  Radiguet got too fixated with finishing Red Hawk off himself to the point he'd save the Jetmen from death so he can kill them later.  Kinda hypocritical if you ask me!

Actually what I find more bizarre than anything is why Radiguet lusted after Maria for quite some time.  I mean, she was just a random drifter and he brainwashed her to become a Vyram.  Whatever it was, she did play a huge role in the two.  I just found Radiguet to be quite unforgivable that after he saw Maria revert back to her true self as Rie, he turned her back into the Vyram all for the sake of hurting Ryu!  Yikes.  One way or another even if Maria hates him, he still wants her for his selfish reasons.  Ryu just found out that Maria was Rie, he managed to get in touch with her temporarily and Radiguet that SOB turned her back into Maria!  How could he?  I just thought this rivalry was really intense because of a woman as well.

The temporal emergence of Tranza from Tran did come in between.  So what does Radiguet do?  Does he let it just be?  No... he didn't.  So read on to this...

After the Veronica crisis in Jetman episodes 44-45, we can see that Radiguet did become more insane as his power increased.  But he did have some tricks up on his sleeve though he preferred to do things on his own. So in Jetman episode 46 "The Glory of Emperor Tranza" we do find out that he manipulated Red Hawk.  He was going to finish his two hated rivals together.  At that team-up, Radiguet under a human guise deceived Ryu into a false alliance only for him to really killing two birds with one stone.  Although he did escape, but the rivalry was far from over.  As we know it, Radiguet won't want anybody to kill Ryu EXCEPT him.  He did want to savor the blood of the Jetmen himself especialy Ryu's.

Now with complicating issues- he wants Maria and doesn't want to give her to Red Hawk.  Seriously get a life Radiguet- there are still other hot chicks you can convert into Vyram and lust after!  I really thought turning her into a monster is just too much and he was rejoicing at it!  In fact, he was laughing as he saw Maria becoming more "worthy" of being his.  Eventually when he realized he can't have her, he killed her thus aggravating the rivalry between Ryu and Radiguet.  Seriously, he did hurt Ryu deeply in those moments.

So here, Ryu decides to settle his final score with Radiguet once and for all and Radiguet awaited for that death match after mercilessly killing Rie.  Ryu got fueled with revenge and hatred to the point of near death or how Radiguet really was SOB-ing around.  So eventually Ryu placed all personal feelings aside despite the fact Radiguet had really hurt him far too many times which leads to his defeat for the final episode.


  1. You got to hate Radiguet during the Empress Juuza arc as she wiped away his powers and turned him into a human for the 1st time. As he is amnesiac, he is helped by Saki a woman who is dying from Cancer. She falls in love with him and as Radiguet recovers his powers and memories. He and the rest of his goons ambush and destroy Juuza( a big mistake and killed too soon by the writers). The most despicable thing he did in the end was vaporizing Saki in cold blood as she excepted Radiguet as a alien and still loved him. As Saki is in atoms a newly hatch Semimaru is being caressed and intimately kissed by Radiguet. How much of a monster is he???


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