Super Sentai Monsters That Were Heavy Eaters

Well here's a list of monsters that were heavy eaters.  I got so hungry I wanted to write this...

Cockroach Gin in Fiveman- This monster was created by Zone to consume food supply on Earth so they could take over.  However he was foiled by some fake giant-sized food stuff the Fivemen made to lure him.

Dora Circe- In Zyuranger, Bandora wanted the food supply destroyed and he began eating several food stuff causing conflicts among families and eventually it could destroy the world's food supply.  The Zyurangers had to obtain the herb molly to defeat him which was hilarious.  This one eats weapons A LOT!

Pig Nejire- In Megaranger, this monster was created to induce insane hunger among the individuals and cause them to quarrel over food with his "diet crepe".  He had a horribly big appetite.

Futagawara in Shinkenger- He consumed everything and his hands were capable of consuming everything.  In this case, he ended up eating Ryunosuke's shodophone.  Also he was a real threat.

Zakurya in Gokaiger I thought he was sort of a tribute to Dora Circe but he ate faster, especially how he could just suck all the food items at once.  This also caused Gai Ikari's mobirate to be eaten as well.  I gave a thought on what if he ate all the ranger keys also.


  1. 3 more monsters that were big eaters, in Kakuranger, Yokai Gakisutki, who possessed Sekai and.maid him get worse in his bad habit as a glutanous eater. In Ohranger, BaraHungry was a robot that spray mold on food, but has a appetite un food. It's bad habit and weakness was Saki and easily get drunk. And in Megaranger, Buta Nejire was a pig themed monster that was selling diet crepes. Though people stayed thing they continue consume massive quantity of food. In it's human disguise as a chef, he also eat alot.

  2. There's also Pig Nejire, from Megaranger. He is a heavy eater and his song about diet crepes is AWESOME.


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