Turboranger Team Analysis

Kosoku Sentai Turboranger!  Well I just say I would want to do an analysis on them now.  Now here's an analysis of the first batch of teenagers who fight against evil while struggling with school life... and the first batch for Super Sentai that is.

Riki Honoo/Red Turbo

What can I say?  This guy reminds me of me as a teenager- slacker, doesn't like to study and yet can get serious when things get rough.  For starters, he's pretty hyperactive and inattentive to his surroundings yet he does manage to make up for his weaknesses with his determination.  I really believe that it is his determination that seldom gave him unusual amounts of power in battle as Red Turbo because he could at times beat an enemy with just a GT Crash move.  I thought that his beating of Ragorn all by himself was really his most insanely awesome moment.  I mean seriously, he was ALL ALONE in that battle with Ragorn and yet he survived all through that.  What can be seen in him also his drama where Kirika once had a crush on him and that he does try to reach out to her, only to be enemies with her for most of her tenure in the series.  Also, it was a nice plot where he actually tries to reach out to Yamimaru and in the end both earned each other's respects.  As for him and Haruna, I think it's left to fandom if whether or not they end up with each other.

Daichi Yamagata/Black Turbo

While he seems to be the perfect guy as he is the "running brain" and "the all around mr. nice guy" of the team but he's not.  My favorite character flaw in him was when he does sometimes put himself in too much risk, or when he decided to use the Turbo Truck to get the parts necessary for the Turbo Rugger to be completed without telling the others.  He did also show he can end up jumping into conclusions like when he never knew the whole story behind Chime Bouma.  It was awesome though seeing him being put in pretty risky situations and surviving them, though one may also want to tell him to avoid becoming too reckless.  My favorite focus on him was with Sumo Bouma which allowed him to be funny and not become an emo character.

Youhei Hama/Blue Turbo

The worse slacker than Riki, he's the "Mr. Funny Guy" of the team who chases girls.  I really thought that while he had the running gag of being the worse slacker, despite that one can see how he like Riki could turn the tables upside down or how he like Riki also matured as the series progressed.  My favorite episode of his was when he tried to befriend Chime Bouma, where he got into serious conflict with the other Turborangers who believed he was deceived unknowingly that he has fallen into Jarmin's trap as this chapter focused on the more serious side of him.  I just can't understand though how he has some admirers that easily too.

Shunsuke Hino/Yellow Turbo

He is the gymnast of the group and the best friend of Youhei Hama to which I could hypothesize if Youhei could have inspired Dan/Tricera Ranger, he could have been Boi's inspiration.  Moving on, I thought that his backstory with his deceased brother who died in a hit and run tied together with the Flame and Ice brothers was pretty well-written.  Added to his drama was when it was discovered that he did fall for Kirika as a child, and didn't recognize Kirika to be that child!  Pretty screwed up for him if you ask me!

Haruna Morikawa/Pink Turbo

Beauty, brains, body and everybody looks up to her.  While seemingly perfect, she's got the character flaws like she can be too kind hearted even if she's a badass.  I just thought that the episode with Kirigami Bouma was a huge display of flaw as Zimba took advantage of her kind heart.  Also it was fun seeing her hinted chemistry with Riki, however which could be most likely non canon.  My favorite focus of her was when she fooled Zulten and the Turborangers into giving her the medicine to save a poisoned Youhei's life.  That was priceless.


  1. They represent what PR should have been like, Cool Teenagers. This series is my 1st voyage to the Super Sentai universe. I wish I had all 51 episodes! There was not one character I dislike in this series. And it was a milestone series as the 1980s was at a end. As Kenta Sato sings, ZigZag Youth Road and that is what this series reminded me when,I was re discovering super Sentai in 1994 and 1995.

  2. I found your Zyuranger comparison comments very interesting. I've often thought that there were a lot of recyled ideas from turboranger used in that series. Not just the coulor scheme, but I believe that Zimba was simular too Griffoza. Also Zultun was simular too Bookbakk.

    I enjoyed this series. But apparently if was plagued with backstaged drama. Apparently the budget was cut and that the reason 3 of the villains was hurriedly written off. Also ratings were down.


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