Turboranger Villains: Bouma and Nagare Bouma

Turborangers' villains for me were a pretty unique cast changing from the first half to the last half.  For villains, I thought they could really survive being sealed for thousands of years and later released with a vengeance.  Now here's what I think of them...

Emperor Ragorn

I really thought that despite him being partly immobile, he's one pretty frightening character and a pretty scary villain.  I mean, he DOES mean business and whenever his followers fail, he puts those extra arms located on his throne to good use to smack them or he fires projectiles to punish them.  I really thought he's pretty frightening and you'd hate to fail him.  His big weakness was when he allowed the Nagare Bouma to serve him and that's where his downfall was.  What I find weird about him was that Riki/Red Turbo singlehandedly defeated him in a one on one combat.  I mean come on he's the big bad of the show and he fell down after he nearly won?  Then he does come back in a new form where ironically he was easily defeated by the Super Turbo Robo, while it took the Super Turbo Builder to beat him.  But still, I say he's still that scary!

Professor Rehda

Ragorn's second-in-command and the fact he's acted by Masashi Ishibashi.  I thought that he was a really cruel, scheming character who used both brutality and subtlety in one package especially in using human misdeeds to fulfill his task.  What was pretty sad though was that even as a cool villain because of his intelligence and power, he was killed off in episode 30 for reasons unknown though it appeared his departure was arranged properly.  I thought it was really cool to see him carry out Ragorn's mission of revenge and being entrusted with the powerful Chomajin Boma to crush the Turborangers.  I considered his fight with Red Turbo to be pretty bad-ass especially how violent his end was- that is with ALL that explosion as he died.


Arguably one of my favorite villains, he is eaten by bitterness, hatred and all because he was once in love with a princess who hated him.  Well I do like his plots where he is surely but slowly showing he's not exactly all hate.  I mean, despite him being a sadistic creature who loves to hate or how he was really cruel to break up the friendship of Sumo Bouma and Black Turbo he apparently was in love with Jarmin.  I admired the fact that while Ragorn was smacking everyone (minus Zulten who was hiding at one of the pillars) with one of the extra arms from the throne, he stepped forward and volunteered to finish off the Turborangers himself to save Jarmin.  I really liked that scene to show he wasn't just evil for evil's sake.  I pretty thought it was badass for him to go into feral giant mode and defeat the Turbo Robo before he was destroyed by the Turbo Builder.


Now here's another "whip it good" villain similar to Ahames.  Arguably, she's had her moral horizon events in two really heartaching episodes- one when she manipulated Fire Bouma and Ice Bouma into merging, taking advantage of Fire Bouma's arrogance and Ice Bouma's pity for an estranged brother.  The other one has to be where she really tortured Chime Bouma into serious levels of insanity.  Sadly she was sentenced to her death mission by Ragorn after seeing her lover Zimba die and was later replaced by Kirika.


What do I have to say about this fat dork?  He can be funny and he can be annoying.  Well, he's a big failure yet he's the only villain to last the longest in the series.  I did think that he ALWAYS sucked up to his superiors and he's a huge coward.  I just thought he was too much of a coward to just hide himself most of the time and side with whoever is in charge.  I thought that without the three previous field commanders, he had to deal with the Nagare Bouma.  My favorite episodes of him was when he was turned into a fart machine- that was awfully funny and the other was when he created Zulten Metal Type.  As for how he died, I wish he died in a field battle prior to the last episode instead of how he died in the final episode.

Yamimaru and Kirika

They were pretty interesting since they were both half-human, half-Bouma which made them as rejects.  Yamimaru, yes he's really a cool villain that started of as a nuisance villain who sided with neither the heroes nor the villains then he feigns allegiance to Ragorn when he met Kirika.  While it was sad to see Zimba, Jarmin and Rehda die, these two managed to still save the show as they showed villains who weren't really villains or how Kirika became kind after meeting her true father.  In fact, the Nagare Bouma added drama to where the Turborangers were forced to fight against them while appealing to them not to further walk into the path of darkness.  In the end, surprisingly they lived because I expected them to die.


  1. As I said before, the writers made the biggest mistake of killing the 3 main villains. They gave the heroes a run for their money. Zimba and Dr. Rehda was my favorite. When Yanimaru 1st showed up he was a bad ass in his own terms. But by episode 32-up. His character watered down. Violent Generation Clan Boma almost worked but when they downsize the Roster that's when the challenge was over. Also as he left or got fired, this was Musashi Ishibashi's last role on Super Sentai. Before Sentai he.was well known as Sonny Chiba's opponent in alot of movies they made. Milton started in JAKQ as Iron Claw, then as Commander Hedha in Battle Fever J, also as General Kar in Dynaman and Dr Rehda as well he would not do Sentai until 2007 in the Gekieanger movie as King Yang of the Macha-Fu.


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