Monsters That Made People Gluttons

In Super Sentai, there were some monsters that made people huge eaters and here they are:

Tran before becoming Tranza used Ant Bazooka's ants to make people gluttonous to which they even ate live animals out of hunger.  That was a truly disturbing episode indeed.  Kaori was one of his victims but fortunately she overcame it.

Gakitsuki took over Sekai's mouth, making him eat uncontrollably.

Pig Nejire through his "diet crepes" made people eat uncontrollably among his known victims were Miku and also Kenta's mother.  He was quite funny if you ask me with that theme song of his!

Sunasusori was an Ayakashi who when spreading some evil sand, caused people to go hungry and thirsty at extreme rates.


  1. The Jetman monster of Ant Bazooka was the better designed monster that looked like a Kamen Rider Black RX monster.It had a weak plot of the.ants possesing people and turning them into human army ants. I really did not feel sorry for Kaori a bit as she did not give me a reason as.a hero.

  2. By the way, Gakitsuki is called Ravenator in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3 in which Tommy Oliver ate a pita and this monster forced him to eat more unhealthy foods until when the other Rangers forced him not to eat sundae which resulted in this monster vomiting out of Tommy's stomach. I really hate Kat replacing Kimberly as the "new" Pink Ranger!

    1. I do agree with you Diana about Kat replacing Kimberly as the new pink ranger, but we can't do anything abut it since Amy Jo Johnson formally left the set to pursue other fields in acting.


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