My Guilty Pleasures on Super Sentai Viewing

So I'd like to share my own guilty pleasures on why I would watch Super Sentai and these reasons can be VERY stupid because I find myself not enjoying the cake and just the icing.  So okay, let's move on and show what icing there is...

It's about the girls that sometimes makes me want to watch Super Sentai even as an adult.  It's pretty shallow yes, but sometimes I end up just sticking around a season despite some flaws (weak middle or nonsensical plots) all due to the girl.  For example, I didn't really mind too much Shinkenger had some weaker points because I was too glued on Mako.  Or I even would say I've been guilty of appreciating Dairanger's Lin over the rest of what really makes the series stand out.

Music happens to be another guilt trip for me.  It's like how I may have some thoughts like Zyuranger isnt that great but I hang through it because of its musical score and themes.  For Dairanger, there are times I end up getting hooked more on the music than the plot itself.

It's all about moves.  It's like how I really could get OOH and AAH over the insane action Super Sentai can offer. Seriously sometimes I even consider Hoji as my top favorite Dekaranger all because of that raw fist episode against Jeanio.

The costume design department can be another.  As much as a great series Dairanger is, there are times I've been too enamored by the suit designs or with Jetman, the bird designs make me gush.

Sometimes cute stuff does get me enamored.  Like for example, I hang out through Go-onger aside from Saki's existence or the music, it's also because of the Go-on Engines.

Mecha designs are another.  I am simply enamored by Super Sentai's presentation of various mecha design from the parts to the combinations themselves.

That's all I can share for my guilty pleasures.