Super Hero Taisen Review

I had just finished viewing Super Hero Taisen and seriously, I'll really write a review that's really what I'd call a series of mixed emotions that came along the way. At first, I was pretty excited at the concept of Super Sentai and Kamen Riders joining together, Decade's crossover with Shinkenger succeeded where Saban's Mashed Rider failed but apparently this film is what I'd call as if Shoji Yonemura really teaming up with a bunch of morons to write this and for Shinichiro Shirakura, he just wants to make everything look cool when in fact it's nothing more than childish fan wars in the beginning. This piece of trash is what I'd call something Patrick Star would write, yes it is indeed written by Patrick Star!

Nice aesthetics, nice concepts but eventually it's ruined by bad writing to a huge extent! It's just like Operation Overdrive's got a nice concept of the Corona Aurora but ends up being one of the worst seasons because of the way it was written. Now only if we can all avoid another disaster like this!

The characters as they are in the film:

It's an interesting gathering of Super Sentai and Kamen Rider yet all I can say is, there's no real characterization and everything is pretty rushed. Not really movie material, better off written at by anybody is a fan of both series and done as a series, not as a messed up movie. Seriously, I just find everything is out of place, most characters are just there for the sake of being there for display purposes. There's hardly any focus either. Well Gai Yuki as a ghost came again but he's diminished to merely just being there.

So okay it's cool to have Daizangyack and Daishocker to which would be nostalgia but still, everything's just too messed up. I would like to give credit though to Kamen Rider Black for fighting with Maskman (both my childhood) but still, separating Black and Black RX AGAIN is completely as if Kotaro Minami got cloned or something. I really wished it were Black RX/Maskman team-up considering that they were destroying both General Jak and the original Shadowmoon, not the AR Shadowmoon. And eventually, all we see this is just one big commercial for both franchises. Seriously is this movie just meant to sell toys?! If it is, then it's a pathetic way to do it!

I should also name this one- the misuse of Red One. Okay it's cool to have Red One's voice BACK after many years of my childhood of seeing Bioman BUT they just let him voice him? WTF? Seriously, the Biomen should have jumped in to help destroy Silver a second time!

I would also like to say that Kamen Rider Diend controlling the "Big Machine" for me was too anti-climatic IMO. Seriously, I wish that both Ackdos and his son Warz would control it or maybe, it gets a life of its own for some big explosion. No, we get Diend getting too out of character and not dying?! Sheesh... really problematic and messed up script and I wanted Diend dead. Also the appearance of previous villains from both franchises, we don't really get an explanation either of how they came back and again, just there for the sake of being there.


WTF? The beginning of the movie sounds like and looks like as if Spongebob and Patrick were fighting over which franchise is better- Super Sentai or Kamen Rider and they start writing the film while imagining one side destroying each other and they began writing the script. Then it feels like a horribifucus bad hate fic written by a Kamen Rider fan who hates Super Sentai and vice-versa. Okay I do admit the "deception" thing is common in Sentai, Ryu in Jetman did it, no big deal and it was a nice twist. However, it wasn't able to save the messed up plot that starts with "Must kill all Super Sentai." and "Must kill all Kamen Rider." Sheesh, that's very childish if you ask me. Also the so-called "deaths" were just that they disappeared and then the Daizangyack and Daishocker are STUPID enough to believe that the Super Sentai and Kamen Riders died. WTF again? I mean, I would really believe them dead if I saw them blow up, get maimed, whatever, not just that disappear into the air gag!

Seriously, the plot is so messed up who can understand it? It's really the ugly side of things. Then when the plot is revealed, it's as if Squidward came to try and stop Spongebob and Patrick from arguing because he was getting annoying and says, "Will you two stop arguing?! Both Super Sentai and Kamen Riderare the real deal!" and quickly finishes the script. Again WTF. Then Sandy Cheeks comes in and does the special effects for the huge finale which is nothing again more than just "GUSH VALUE" to everyone. Ohhh it's Maskman, ohhhh its Maskman fighting side by side with Kamen Rider Black and guess what- they don't really contribute to the movie's plot at all as I see it!

And also I wonder which is more screwed up- this movie that has a nice concept yet done poorly or the idea of Spongebob Squarepants becoming a world dictator in an apocalyptic setting. It's so bad a plot also that I'd say this it's what Addie Singer will call as "It's SO unfabulous!" or the people in Hollywood Arts will say, "WTF?" Tori Vega will most likely sing about Super Hero Taisen's failure in the next project and the staff in Hollywood Arts will say, "That was so expensive and yet it failed!" What's next? Seriously, as said the plot is WTF messed up!


All I can say is I give this film a 3/10. It surely has its golden moments, cool combat scenes but otherwise everything plotwise is just messed up one after the other. I wouldn't recommend the film to those who are deeper thinkers than I am or to the more serious Super Sentai and Kamen Rider fans. However I'd say I might as well watch this for my amusement or as a guilty pleasure or I'd rather watch Go-onger over this trash that deserves to be put in the trash bin with Operation Overdrive, Power Rangers Samurai and Saban's Mashed Rider to name a few stuff I'm throwing it away with. Sometimes this film makes Saban's Mashed Rider crossover with MMPR look better- at least that crossover HAD real focus!

Last thoughts, it doesn't mean you have a COOL cover like this that the movie would be good. In fact, the movie is so horrid it doesn't deserve a cool label like this. The concept has potential though but I'd rather see it as a video game with a Super Robot Wars-type of plot that is tossing canon aside like even making it "Heroes Across Time" or even making Gai Yuki die mid-game in battle rather than dying end-game via a thug or maybe, we can also have a team up between Kamen Rider Super-1 and Fourze... whatever. Only if Bandai or Banpresto could just develop the game.

Again I'm opening up Super Sentai vs. Kamen Rider for adoption since I'm really out of the blue with most Kamen Rider.


  1. It looked promising, but when I saw it for the 1st time. It was just a giant fighting gimmick with no plot and alot of The characters that is used was being wasted for only a cameo. With quick sloppy like this, Taisen movie should not be bothered with.

  2. Also I might want to add, as he is one of The main character, Diend was the primary hero but is played out of character in the end as I am only giving this hint to not ruin it. You will say WTF off what he does in the end and it is not redeeming.

  3. You want Diend dead? You are my no.1 friend,man. Srsly though,this is one of the WORST TOKU movies I've seen. It really makes Toei look like money-hungry sadists who don't care about their fanbase. Money is all they cared about which is pathetic!! It doesn't help the fact that Hina is there sadly enough due to her being the sole voice of reason and even so,she doesn't know how to fight. There are no strong females in this movie which means the women are either wounded,sliced into thin air or wounded like Buster Yellow and sexism is not what I want in a toku which is stupid btw. Gingaman,Shaider or even freakin' Fourze wasn't like this and hell,Kamen Rider W had strong female characters.

    The only good thing to come out of this is the Net movies which are better off their own separate discs away from this pile of trash.

    1. With Toei being money hungry, I guess that explains why they worked together with Saban to produce Power Rangers.

  4. You know maybe that movie would have been better off as Gokai Red and Kamen Rider Decade had been brainwashed by Basco to turn all the Super Sentai groups into Ranger Keys, and the Kamen Riders into Rider Cards and then let Gokai Blue be a Captain Ahab fanatic seeking revenge with a little help from Gokai Green, Kamen Rider W, Kamen Rider Fourze, Diend, the Den Liner crew, Natsumi and her Grandfather and the Go-Busters to help uncover a conspiracy which is linked to a peace conference and the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. Now that would have been awesome.


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