Will Some Super Hero Sentai Mentors Assemble?

I have read from Orends Range that it seems that these Sentai mentors will appear in Gobuster vs. Gokaiger and I'm using their older pictures...

Jun Fujimaki as Commander Ibuki from Changeman...

Hayato Tani as Sanjoru Sugata from Maskman

Fujita Okimoto as Dr. Dazai from Turboranger

I just hope the rumors are true because I do like the idea of older men and women making an appearance in newer shows.  Just love seeing old people a lot!




  1. hey Sean random question. whats your opinion of Denziman?

    1. For me, Denziman is what could be an "iconic season" IMO which I might write on Sentai seasons I consider as "iconic". We do have different opinions. Denziman introduced a more standard design to Super Sentai suits and two, the transforming robot as well as the evil queen concept. I give kudos to the late Soga Machiko for her performance there as well as to Kenji Ohba's role as Denzi Blue for top best performances.

    2. cool but what I mean is do you like it or hate it? I found it to be the best of shouzo ueharas work.

    3. I like it yes but really like it, no. I don't find it to be one of the best Sentai but it still wins my praise.

    4. Thanks! if there's anything else i'll let you know, you wonderful blogger!


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