From All Super Sentai Fans, Happy 47th Birthday Toshihide Wakamatsu!

Time does fly fast and it's been a year since he made a guest appearance in Jetman as Gai Yuki's ghost, despite the fact he's more into J-Drama now (apparently that's what keeps most actors or actresses alive).  I guess nobody who's ever had ranked Jetman as one of the best or in my case, I'm among those who ranked it as the best Super Sentai could forget this awesome guy.  Cheers!


  1. I am going to be candid here, Jetman is never my favorite series but 1991 was my year. Man he is 47 now and I was only 12 when Jetman 1st aired. Man we are all getting old. Wakamatsu san happy birhday and may your spirit soar like the Condor.


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