My Top Five Picks for Lamest Super Sentai Villain Deaths

Before I'll do some Super Sentai hero deaths, I'd tackle on my top five lamest Super Sentai villain deaths...

5.) Farrah Cat's death for me in Bioman was simply quite "cheap".  She was too easily blasted away by Yellow Four 2 and Pink Five.

4.) I would like to raise some questions on Ragorn's death.  Seriously while it was an intense final battle but the fact that the second time he grew giant, he was easily blasted away by the Super Turbo Robo.  I mean come on- when he grew giant the first time he couldn't be defeated by the Super Turbo Robo and YET the second time, he was so easily defeated?  WTF?

3.) The Ginga Sentai Gingaman was another group.  I just found how they were defeated by the Fivemen pretty rushed.

2.) Garoa's death in Fiveman for me was just wtf stupid.  There was really no impact to it, all that happened to him was that he got caught in the real Meadow's coffin, trapped inside it and boom.  I would consider Dongoros' death packed with more plots.

1.) I would say first place really goes to Psygorn from Bioman.  So here's what I thought- I could understand why Juuoh and Mettlzer died from the Bio Super Electron because they received much damage from Silver but Psygorn... WTF?  He didn't really receive much damage in battle and yet he suddenly went BOOM in the final appearance.  Seriously as much as I enjoyed Bioman, still this was a really lame death.


  1. Even though they died like warriors the 3 Boma Hakuzakyu members died too soon as it was the greatest mistake for the series and the writers.

  2. I really never saw all 48 episodes of Fiveman but Garoa should have been killed by Fivered. But then again he has killed 2 Zone members Garoa should have been one of them.

  3. Thank you finally someone that shares my opinion about farrahcat's death.


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