Power Rangers Elements in Gobusters

As much as I'm not really fond of Gobusters with now its going or maybe its aesthetics don't appeal to me either, I'd like to reveal some of my thoughts on its Power Rangers elements again, another Super Sentai borrowing original ideas from its adaptation Power Rangers.  Now I wonder what ideas will Power Rangers borrow next?  Now here's quite a summary of what i can find...

The first three heroes Hiromu, Ryuji and Yoko have civilians superpowers like in Dino Thunder, SPD and Operation Overdrive.  There's super speed for Hiromu, super strength for Ryuji and super jumping for Yoko except there were limits to make them "more realistic" like Hiromu's scared of chickens, Ryuji has a limit in battle and shouldn't overheat or Yoko needs a constant source of sugar.  There's also the tagline "It's Morphin' Time" as well as going helmetless while in spandex which was first done in Go-onger.

Takeshi Kuroki would be like General Truman of Power Rangers RPM in some way.

Using the term Megazords as well.

The "Messiah" virus in Gobuster is the main enemy quite similar to Venjix in RPM.  I just have a feeling he might really launch the world to chaos when he fully returns.


  1. As everybody talk down on the show. Gobuster is entertaining and I do enjoy it without a doubt. I won't denie that there are weakness of the show and they are, not enough villains to make Varglass threat. Not enough props such as hand weapons for our heroes. Hiromu must be the young and insecure Red like Arata and Magired. The fear of Chicken is really pointless. It should have the traditional 6-7 members. I guess the Buddyroids make up for it. The Buster suits are the best designs to date. The show will end at the 50 episode range but seeing the changes in Kyoryugers especially a comedic based Sentai and that ugly Robo and costume design makes me and any of us regret hating Gobusters.


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