Sentai Seasons that Lacked a Yellow Ranger Aside from Kyoryuger

While yellow is a very dominant color in Super Sentai, here are a few seasons together with Kyoryuger that lacked a yellow ranger...

First was JAKQ where the first four members are red in Spade Ace, green in Clover King, blue in Diamond Jack and pink in Heart Queen and then the first white ranger in Big One.

Battle Fever J lacked a yellow ranger and had an orange ranger instead.

Changeman was the next season to have no yellow ranger, instead a female white ranger in the person of Change Mermaid was introduced.


  1. With the past being irreversable, JAKQ was the second and last of Ishimori's Sentai series and did not think that yellow was a important color. Big One did.have a yellow stripe on his costume. Battle Fever J had a orange and it was the only time orange was use . Orange was used in yellows place. Changeman truly did bot have yellow and that was sad.Doing away with yellow is wrong, the color help balance the rest out as it is a bright and positive color. Now as a mistake, Kyoryugers do not have yellow but if there is a 6 th member you may never know. Hey I'm a guy and yellow is my fave!


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