So This is Kyoryuger

I just had my thoughts on Kyoryuger's more unusual color coding where we have red, black, green, blue and pink but no yellow.  Also here's the plot as revealed from Orends Range:

Long ago, in the time of the dinosaurs, the earth was invaded by forces from outer space. The only people capable of the stopping them was a team known as the Kyouki Ryu no Sha, the People of the Strong Dragons, or, Kyoryuger for short. Now, in the modern world, they return using the powers of the Beast Batteries to fight off this revived threat.

Juuden Sentai Kyoryuger begins this February 17, 2013.

Oh wait, I'm turning 28 on that day and I'm still enjoying my availability. :P


  1. Already I miss Zyurangers and Abaranger. This series has no yellow and the ugliest Robot to date.


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