Happy New Year to All Blog Readers... and More Thoughts on What's Coming In!

Well it's time to greet everyone a Happy New Year and here are some things I'd like to say may excite the readers...

The conclusion of Gobusters.  Okay I will say that like Goseiger, this is one season I tend to dislike.  Maybe it's because it felt like Zoids x Power Rangers RPM, two shows that don't click with me.  My speculations right now is that the Messiah virus will probably cause so much great havoc across the world systems.  There might be some dramatic reunions or whatsoever similar to the ending of Power Rangers RPM.

The coming of Kyoryuger.  I'll take some time to accept this deviance.  So I hope this does better than Gobusters which will be coming to an end, hopefully the Messiah virus won't do as much damage as Venjix will.  So here's the cast...

The Fanged Hero, KyoryuRed: Ryo Ryusei
The Shelled Hero, KyoryuBlack: Syusuke Saito
The Armored Hero, KyoryuBlue: Kinjo Yamato
The Slashing Hero, KyoryuGreen: Akihisa Shiono
The Horned Heroine, KyoryuPink: Ayuri Konno

The upcoming crossover: Tokumei Sentai Gobusters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

Then we'll be having Tokumei Sentai Gobusters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.  Hmmm... I do want to complain for not having an official Kamen Rider vs. Super Sentai crossover that's between two series than that stupid mega crossover written by Patrick Star even if I'm not really a huge fan of Kamen Rider.  Other stuff, I had my thoughts on Yatsudenwani appearing in the film means BIG TROUBLE for the girls.  He's already had attempted to hit on Ranru, Jasmine, Umeko and Emiri (Emiri's marriage nearly killed him I think) and in Gokaiger vs. Gavan, he wanted to have a threesome with Luka and Ahim.  Seriously why did he become President of Dino Curry?  I really could just imagine the Dino Thunder team and the Abarangers bashing Yatsudenwani together.

So it looks like Zangyack's throne isn't empty after all since Bacchus Gill, Ackdos Gill's nephew and cousin to Warz Gill is coming in.  Basco is returning.  Just a thought- why would Kei Hosogai accept to appear again when he's succeeding with TV Drama?  Looks like he's been a fan of Super Sentai all along while watching J-Drama.  So expect lots of stuff.

Now haters please don't post bad comments or I'll comment how freakingly childish you are...

The coming nigh of Power Rangers Megaforce.  I really wish Nickelodeon will NOT do what they did to Power Rangers Samurai.  Also, I hope this season will have better writing rather than just a lame gimmick to sell more toys.  I just hope no more RPM-ish type seasons for Power Rangers.


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