Kyoryuger from Hyper Hobby Magazine

Looking at this, I don't feel very excited for a third dinosaur Super Sentai as much as others are.  But for your sake not mine, I will display them. =)  Hmmm looks like I'll be 28 by the time Kyoryuger comes.  But seriously, I will probably take more time with my celebrities blog.  Confession, this might be another series I might appreciate more inwardly than most series I appreciate just too outwardly.  Now I'll just have to sit tight for both this show and Power Rangers Megaforce.


  1. Besides the travesty of not having a Yellow,a ugly robot or a 3rd Dinosaur motiff.
    Black as a member and usually that color represent a tough and dangerous individual.
    If anybody knows anything about Dinosaurs, the Parasaurolophus is a dino that can't defend it is a herbivore that only eats and gets eating! Kyoryublack should be based on Spinosaur or the Brontosaurus again. A dinosaur that is fierce or able to protect itself!!!!


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