Sentai Villains who are Brainwashed and Crazy

I just thought of writing on Super Sentai villains who are brainwashed and crazy which was a trope that Power Rangers tend to overuse (ex. Tommy's story had him brainwashed and crazy in contrast to Burai's willingly evil to get revenge).  Some of them even involved Super Sentai rangers and here they are...

In Bioman, Jun's lover played by Hikaru Kurosagi was fooled into Farrah into becoming a Magne Warrior to fight the Biomen.

For the time being, Akira became Fencer Unas for two episodes.  He was driven as brainwashed and crazy and attacked the Maskmen.  Fortunately he overcame it with the help of the other Maskmen.

Maria in Jetman was once Rie Aoi.  Radiguet for some creepy reason brainwashed her and made her forget she was even Rie Aoi- she could only remember she was Maria and that Radiguet had an unhealthy fixation over her.  When she turned back to her true self the second time around, she realized all the evil she did as Maria leading to her tragic ending with Ryu.

Shirogane as Loki- When Shirogane wore the mask of Loki to get the power to destroy Hyakimaru, he was possessed by the demon allowing Loki to get a body through Shirogane.  Shirogane struggled in between his brainwashed state and the wolf demon.  Eventually the wolf demon gained a body on its own before being finally destroyed.

Jannu was basically a tribute to Maria except she and Asuka both earned their happy endings in contrast to Ryu and Rie.  Go Naruhisa Arakawa.

Takeru Shiba became Gedou Shinken Red in Goseiger vs. Shinkenger.  I thought he was pretty destructive brainwashed and crazy.


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