Some Wishful Thinking on How These Sentai Villain Deaths Could Have Been Done

I just had a thought I wish these villains died some other way.  So here they are... and I didn't include all I thought were really lame deaths.  Some of them had symbolic meaning to it and some of them, were good but I wish could have been done better.

Psygorn- Now only if Silver damaged him severely before he was finally destroyed because his death compared to Juuoh and Mettlzer did not make any sense.

Zeba- Not really much to complain except I wish the Great Five showed up during the finale (no worries, I still like the Galaxy Robo... cheers!), he unleashes one painful projectile attack at the Maskmen to another in his monster form, the Maskmen run into him and unleash their last blow at him at any possible weak spot that was inflicted by the unity of the Igam twins.

Dr. Bias- I would agree with some that the finale had some lame parts though it did wrap things up even if imo it was pretty rushed.  So what's my way of wishing he died?  I just thought that using the Brain Waves, he decides to become the ultimate lifeform which he becomes the final brain beast called "Bias Zuno" and attacks the Livemen relentlessly, he finally drowns the world into darkness making the Livemen too vulnerable.  However the rebellion of officers after being talked over by Megumi causes the other officers to rebel, even Kemp which causes him to lose his power up allowing the Livemen to destroy him both in human size and in giant size with the Super Live Robo.  Then he falls down, defeated, Gash rescues him and he is awfully injured, returns back to human form- enters the ship and blows up with it.  Well that's what I'll do if I were him- turn myself into the ultimate lifeform and attack the Livemen myself since I'm one arrogant S.O.B.

Ragorn- I wish the Super Turbo Builder killed him again a second time during the finale because his second defeat just does not make any sense at all.  Then after he is destroyed, his fortress begins to explode, however Kirika manages to pull out Yamimaru before it completely blows up.

Radiguet- I did like the fact he blew up, yes but I had some minor issues on how he died.  I would have it where Black Condor not Red Hawk pilots the Jet Garuda, holds Radiguet to expose his wound to the others and then the others stab his back.  Then Radiguet blows up also destroying the Jet Garuda and killing Gai Yuki in the process as well.

Shaddam- I just thought I wish Ryou stabbed him with his own sword than a knife instead.  Then instead of vomiting mud, he bursts out blood from his mouth like Radiguet did before dying rather than leaving us clueless of him to why he was actually made of mud.

Yaiba- I just thought that his duel with Bouken Black had too much CGI.  Sure it was dangerous script-wise but I wish it had some of that "it factor" from Black Condor's near death final duel.  Like I really wanted Yaiba to lose one arm like Gure, him nearly killing Bouken Black and Bouken Black ending the fight in a lucky strike of death against Yaiba.  I thought Yaiba deserves a much bloody death than Gure does.


  1. In Kakuranger, Dai Maoh was just pushed in the Yokai prison. No fight or battle was even implied for their effort. Then again, the final episode the Robots did all the fighting as the rangers just took it easy and became dramatic.

    And Timerangers- Lila, in my opinion should have died or get killed. For a Golddigging Bimbo, she really is not productive effortwise and does nothing as a threat except pretend to be Ryuya and got our heroes stuck in the 21st century. She got away with theft as she pirated jewelry and blings and left with no justice.

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