Some Wishful Thinking on How These Sentai Hero Deaths Could Have Been Done

Now it's time for the heroes who gave up their lives.  Now here's how I wish they died:

Gai Yuki/Black Condor- Now only if they gave him a more heroic death than saving a woman's purse to wrap things up.  Rather than being stabbed by that thug (which that incident was never mentioned directly again in Gokaiger or the Jetman epilogue featuring Ryu and Kaori with their new son named after him), I really wish he died in the final battle against Radiguet.  My desire?  Well read the previous post on how Radiguet would have better died.  So in my mind, he uses Jet Garuda, powers it up to the max and when the Birdonic Saber is thrust into Radiguet's back- boom.  But not without him saying, "WELL RADIGUET YOU S.O.B.  YOU'VE CAUSED TOO MUCH SUFFERING AND NOW YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR IT!"  Then Radiguet struggling while Gai Yuki holds him with the Jet Garuda, can't do a thing and they both blow up and Gai Yuki dies in the process, the Jetmen bury him in honor and give him a hero's funeral.  Then of course, his ghost can attend the wedding of Ryu and Kaori which becomes a surprise to everyone since they've moved on after his loss.

Naoto Takizawa/Time Fire- I just thought that I wish he died in battle instead of being shot by a Zenitto.  My idea is that he sacrifices himself in one of those pre-final battles as not to violate with the idea Ryuuya was trying to cheat death.

Mikoto Nakadai/Abare Killer- Hmmm now only if he could have exploded at his former allies the Evorian before he died.  That explosion was really powerful.


  1. All those deaths are ironic and fairly tragic. I can accept.Gai's death as before he joined Jetman, he did some other dispicable deeds that is not mentioned and it can reflect the message of Karma, what goes around comes around. So it fits the finale.
    Abare Killer, his character was meant to be doomed from the beginning and he did go out with a Bang(no pun intended). However I and other Sentai fans felt cheated that his development was done too late of him evolving from a villain,antihero to hero. He was a badguy for the whole duration of the show and was good for only 5 episodes till he dies and he chose to fly off to the sky and avoid the world to share his fate. His final heroic act.

  2. I can only agree with you that Naoto died insignificantly. It should have been more heroic, not looking for a little girls canaries. Then again the Londerz family lacked any threat as Gien is the only one that is.


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