The Epilogue of Jetman: Some Disputes on Manga vs. Toei Encyclopedia

So I just thought of the Jetman's final epilogue on the married life of Ryu and Kaori.  Why I was pretty pleased with the ending makes me go nuts.. and some people wished it were the wedding of Raita and Satsuki instead of the former.  Now let's move on to this part...

In the Jetman Toei TV encyclopedia where Ryu and Kaori are presented in their married lives.  So yeah, loved it.  I was happy Ryu got Kaori because I thought he really had to have somebody to be with in the end after that REALLY TRAGIC LOST.  It was a recap of all the events and towards the end, we learn that they both had a son they named Gai Tendo.  So we have three Gais- Gai Yuki, Gai Tendo and Gai Ikari (or four if you count Quester Gai).  Too bad Gai Ikari never mentioned he had the same name with those two other Gais.  Hmmm... only if Ryu named his son Ken Tendo instead then Raita will name his son Ryu Ooshi after Ryu the Owl in Gatchaman. =P

In the Jetman Manga by Saboru Yatsude, we do figure out that Ryu and Kaori and a daughter named Aya Tendo, named after our beloved Chokan instead of a son named Gai Tendo.  Neither Gai Tendo nor Aya Tendo ever showed up together and remain as the only child in either which conclusion.


  1. I'll say I'll accept the Encyclopedia more, since it was actually written by Toshiki Inoue.

    I remember when Gokai Silver was just debuting, Japanese fans thought that "Gai Ikari" was going to be a pseudonym, and that he'd be revealed to be Gai Tendou. That would have been...weird.

    1. Hi Shougo B'Stard...

      Yeah I would accept Inoue's word for it than the Manga.

      It would be weird if Gai Ikari were Ryu's son. Ha ha. So yeah, Inoue's word in Gokaiger 28 and in the encyclopedia is where I base the canon, not the Manga.

      For Jeff Kensaki in the Manga, I think he was the basis for Eiji Takaoka.


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